ElvisBlog News — 1/19/12

Changes Coming:

For the second time in the 7-1/2 year history of ElvisBlog, our blogware provider has decided to close up shop and migrate us off to a different platform.  The first time this happened, the number of visitors and total hits dropped off drastically, and it took almost a year to get them back up.

Perhaps it will be better this time, because ElvisBlog is moving to WordPress, and a number of other bloggers seem to be very happy they use it.

Supposedly the transition will be easy, and there will be tech support available to help with any snags.  I’m not so sure, because I always seem to have trouble with this sort of thing.  One expected problem may be self-inflicted.  ElvisBlog will be going from 2-column format to 3-column, which means the width of the center space for articles will shrink.  This probably means that the layout of pictures in articles will change and require going back and adjusting each one.  Sounds pretty time consuming.

Anyway, this is an advance warning that the appearance of old articles on ElvisBlog may look screwed up for a while.  Sometime in the next two weeks, we’ll pull the trigger and switch to WordPress and see how it goes.  Please bear with us.


Phil Arnold
Original Elvis Blogmeister

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