Elvis for President?

If you live in Iowa, New Hampshire, or South Carolina (as I do), you have withstood a barrage of political pitches on TV, in the mail, and on the telephone.  After a while, it gets to be too much, and you can’t wait for it all to move on to the next state.

So, with politics taking center stage around here this week, it reminded me that I have a pretty good file of pictures about Elvis running for President.  As impossible as that idea is, it is fun to see how the concept has intrigued people for over 50 years.



CaféPress.com has a selection of Elvis for President T-shirts including this long sleeve black one for $32.50.  There are several other models all using the same graphic design.



The idea of Elvis for President isn’t limited to clothing.  Here are examples of books, CDs and DVDs.



The title of this DVD is misleading.  It has nothing to do with Elvis running for President.  It is simply another bootleg concert video, primarily the March 20, 1976 show in Charlotte, NC, plus snippets from Syracuse, Buffalo, Memphis, and Macon.  The closest thing to politics on it is Elvis walking across the stage carrying an American flag.


Here’s a variation on the Presidential Seal.  If Elvis can’t be President, at least he will always be king.


The idea of Elvis for President can be traced all the way back to 1956.


This picture was taken at the Los Angeles airport as Elvis arrived to begin filming “Love Me Tender.”  According to the Graceland archives, Elvis received 5,000 write-in votes for President in the 1956 election.


I like this idea.  After the madness of these last two weeks with back-to-back-to-back TV ads and unending robo-calls, if Elvis was on the ballot here in South Carolina, he would get a large backlash vote.



Presumably, this shot was taken during the election years of 1972 or 1976, because the hat says “Elvis for President.”



This Weekly World News cover story was the topic of an interesting ElvisBlog article a few years ago.  The image is the best artist’s depiction I’ve ever seen of what old Elvis might have looked like.



Here’s an interesting attitude that probably appeals to some folks.  It might be the result if we get to a deadlocked convention.   If that happens, I have the perfect compromise candidate:



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