Super Bowl Weekend — Elvis and Football


As we approach the Super Bowl, the attention of most Americans turns to football.  So, it’s an appropriate time to take a look at some photos of Elvis playing football over the years.


Many pictures of Elvis playing football can be found on the internet.  Unfortunately, a lot of them contain no captions or texts explaining when and where they are taken.  Here are two that appear to be young Elvis in 1956 or so.


The next set of photos was snapped at the Dave Wells Community Center in Memphis on December 27, 1956.



There was no information available on these next two pictures.  If you know anything about them, please reply in Comments.

According to one internet source, Elvis started a football team in California In September 3, 1963.  For some reason, he picked E.P. Enterprises as the name.




Here are two more photos with no information, but they obviously were taken sometime in the 70s.



Elvis took his last vacation to Hawaii in March, 1977.  While there, he and his buddies played some football, and these pictures were snapped.  Elvis really doesn’t look fat and out of shape, as one would expect just five months before his death.



So, whoever gets the Super Bowl trophy, Elvis fans will be glad to know he got one, too.


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