ElvisBlog News — 4/2/12

The Move to WordPress is Complete:

You probably noticed that ElvisBlog looks a little different.  Over the weekend it completed migration to a different blogware platform.  Hope you readers will like it.  So far, I do.

The big improvement is changing from two-columns to three-columns.  I have lots of interesting content planned for the new right column, and that will be installed over time.  I also like the way captions under photos are done.

Comments are now so much easier for readers to make.  The old set-up was cumbersome and confusing, so there weren’t a lot of comments made.  I also started with a negative feeling about comments, because I’d seen them devolve into nasty back and forth epithets by commenters on other sites.  Fortunately, that never happened on ElvisBlog.  So, now comments are encouraged, and I will reply to any that warrant it.  Let’s have more comments.

I’m still working on some things.  The banner on the Home Page is justified left, not center, so I have to decipher the CSS style code and figure out how to fix that.  Same with the width of the center column, which I want to increase.  I’m also deluged by something called Pingbacks.  I’m studying about them, and it’s pretty murky, so now I am deleting all of them.  I hope I don’t find out that they are something good.

The last report from the old blog platform showed that the total hits (page views) for ElvisBlog had passed over 3 million since the start in 2005.  Thanks for your support.

Enjoy the new and improved ElvisBlog.

Phil Arnold
Original Elvis Blogmeister

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