Elvis Movie 50th Anniversary Pictorials: Follow That Dream – 1962

Follow That Dream was released fifty years ago in April 1962.  It was Elvis’ ninth film and is considered by some historians to be his best comedy performance.  My friend Alan Hanson over at the Elvis-History-Blog flatly states “Follow That Dream is the best film Elvis Presley ever appeared in.  I’ve always felt that way, and every time I see the movie I become more convinced of it.”  Well, I did another viewing before doing this article, and I’m starting to see Alan’s point.I like the underplayed love story that develops as the movie unfolds.  While Holly (Anne Helm) obviously pines for him, Elvis sees her as a sister (adopted), not a love interest.  For most of the movie she appears in blue jeans and sneakers, but at the end, when she dresses up and does her hair and make-up, she turns into a beautiful woman.  Elvis takes her in his arms and kisses her as the movie ends.

Movie Posters:

French Poster Adds a Third Girl that Wasn’t in the Movie

Strange Shot from the Movie:

Elvis Lifting Family Truck Over a Log


Historical Marker:  

This Sign is Located in Inglis, Florida

Singing to Costars While Lying on His Back: 

Elvis sings just five songs in Follow That Dream, but does two of them lying on the beach.

Singing “I’m Not the Marrying Kind” to Anne Helm (Holly)


Singing “Follow That Dream” to Joanna Moore

Lobby Cards:



Down Time on the Set:

Elvis and Joanna Moore

Elvis Practicing Karate Moves


Kissing the Costars:

Joanna Moore Went After Elvis, But Holly Rescued Him

Holly Gets Her Man at the End


There are differing opinions on which was Elvis’ best dramatic role, with the most frequent mentions going to Jailhouse Rock or King Creole.  However, if you want to see what could be Elvis’ best single dramatic scene, check out his poignant defense in the courtroom scene in Follow That Dream.  And right after that, watch Anne Helm’s touching performance as Holly finally melts Elvis’ defenses and ends in his arms and his heart.


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