1960 MG Convertible

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  1. Clementine Moriarty

    I was at this wonderful exhibit in 2012, and as I was standing in the lobby, looking at this iconic MG, from the movie ‘Blue Hawaii’ and explaining to my close friend Cheryl, that this car was the only car ever used by Elvis in a movie, that he later acquired and owned. He had apparently loved it so, that he offered to buy the car, but the movie company gave it to Elvis as a gift. (Blue Hawaii was a big hit at the time!) Most times you will find it at Graceland, though I believe it to be in the UK right now, (Nov 8, 2015) on exhibit in London. I digress, for I was in the process of telling, that a few ladies who overheard me talking about the Red MG, tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I were a ‘Docent’ from Graceland. I was ecstatic at that question, and Cheryl, turned and said, ‘No she isn’t but she SHOULD be! Of course I had a big smile all day after that! The Al Wertheimer Exhibit was spectacular!! TCB! Phil

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