Elvis’ Fabulous Rings — Part 2

In March 2011, ElvisBlog presented a pictorial essay showing thirteen Elvis-owned rings that had sold at auction in the previous five years.  A few more Elvis’ rings have changed hands in auctions since then, but various websites have provided photos of other rings he owned, most including significant historical or price information.  So, let’s take a look at ten more of Elvis’ fabulous rings.

Diamond and Opal Ring:

Diamond and Opal Ring

Opals were one of Elvis’ favorite stones (there were three opal rings in the first ElvisBlog article).  This one is a massive 14kt gold ring with two opals and a bunch of diamonds.  Elvis wore it both on stage and for personal use.  It was offered at the July 2011 Gotta-Have-It Rock & Roll Auction, and it sold for $10,365, including the buyer’s premium added on by the auction house.

Diamond and Peridot Ring:

Diamond and Peridot Ring

The large gem in the center of this 14k gold ring is a 6.70ct. oval-cut peridot.  It is surrounded by two circles of tiny diamonds totaling .60 carats.  Elvis owned the ring for a while, and then gave it to his cousin Harold Lloyd in the mid-seventies.  The ring was offered at Julien’s March 2011 with an expected range of $2,00 to 4,000.

TCB Ring:

TCB Ring

This has to be the most expensive ring Elvis ever had special-made for him, or at least in the top three.  It contains 56 diamonds, including an 11.5 carat solitaire.  Elvis paid $35,000 for it in 1974, which would be $163,000 in today’s dollars.  So far, I have been unable to find if it has ever been sold at auction.

Black Sapphire and Diamond Ring:

Black Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Here is another nugget-style ring once owned by Elvis.  Not too much is known about this ring except that Elvis wore it for a while and then gave it in 1976 or 1977 to his uncle Uncle Vester, the long-time guard of the Graceland gates.  The ring has a large black sapphire surrounded by six diamonds.

Chieftain Ring:

Chieftain Ring

Although this ring looks like silver, it is 14k gold.  The chieftain features a round emerald accenting the headdress.  Two full-cut diamonds are his eyes, and thirteen others complete the headdress.  As with so many of the rings Elvis owned, he gave this one away, too.  He gave it to Ed Parker, his karate teacher and friend.  The chieftain ring sold in 2011 at Julien’s Auction for $15,360.

Turquoise and Opalescent Ring:

Turquoise and Opalescent Ring

This is an unusual Elvis ring because it does not contain any diamonds or gold.  Turquoise was another of Elvis’ favorite stones (there was another one in the 2011 ElvisBlog article).  This large sterling silver ring was owned by Elvis in the 70s.  Who he gave it away to is not clear, but it has sold at least twice at auction, in 2006 and again in 2009 for $6,572 (including BP).

The Ashville Ring:

Ashville Ring

Back to gold and diamonds again – big time.  This beauty is encrusted with 19 round-cut diamonds totaling 10 carats.  It is called the Ashville Ring because it was there that Elvis gave it away to a fan during a July 24th 1975 concert.  The fan was Lloyd Perry, and this is how he remembers the event:

Elvis was coming to Asheville, N.C. for 3 nights in July 1975. A friend of mine got us tickets for the 24th, and believe it or not it was front row seats, right in the middle of the stage. I could reach out and touch him we were so close. Of course when Elvis came out the crowd went wild. We noticed he kind of looked at our group there in the front. Maybe it was the light and he could see us. Well, 2 or 3 songs into the show he turned, walked back to the center of the stage, and then turned around and threw his guitar toward me and this other guy seated next to me. We both caught it and played around with it. It was an old scratched up Gibson guitar, with Elvis Presley written in pearls down the neck. Although the other guy kept the guitar, I think Elvis wanted me to have it. After a couple more songs, all of a sudden my wife nudged me and said Elvis is motioning for you to come to the stage. Well, I looked up and went to the stage to shake hands with him, and to my absolute surprise, he was trying to put this ring on my pinky finger. I was shaking like a leaf. I then went back and sat down. I remember the crowd was going wild. Afterwards Elvis walked back across the stage, shrugged his shoulders and said ‘Aw what’s $16,000?’  An amazing night I will never forget.”

The ring may have cost Elvis $16,000, but it sold at Affiliated Auction for $107,500 in December 2009.

Gold and Diamond Caesar Cameo Ring:

Gold and Diamond Julius Caesar Ring

This type of heavy 18k gold ring is called nugget-style for obvious reasons.  In the center is a cameo that looks like Julius Caesar, and although he has five diamonds in his head, it’s not clear if he is wearing a crown.  Other diamonds grace the ring, 17 small single-cut stones around the cameo and 16 single-cut diamonds around the outer bezel.  The name Elvis is engraved on the backside of the cameo.  This ring sold at auction in August 2010 for $38,837 (including buyer’s premium).

Tiger Eye Ring:

Tiger Eye Ring

So far, we have looked at rings Elvis gave to his cousin, uncle, karate instructor, and a fan.  This one he gave to Claude Thompson, who was his choreographer for the ’68 Comeback Special.  The tiger eye stone is mounted on a 14k gold ring.  It sold for $4,481 (including BP) at auction in November 2009.

Lapis and Diamond Ring:

Lapis and Diamond Ring

Karate instructor Ed Parker apparently received several rings as gifts from Elvis. This is the second in this pictorial, so he has obviously been turning a few bucks over the years auctioning them off.  Lapis is another of Elvis’ favorite stones (there were two in the 2011 blog).  The website where I found this picture said it last sold for $12,800, but didn’t say where or when.


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