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Variations on the Iconic Jailhouse Rock Image

Below are four images from Jailhouse Rock.  It appears that EPE has decided these are the definitive shots from the movie, and they have been used in various promotional efforts, especially the one on the right.



In last week’s article, we saw a popular T-shirt design that used a colorized version of this particular image.


In the article I mentioned I have a growing file of Photoshopped pictures that inserted this iconic Elvis pose into all sorts of different contexts.  Here are twelve good ones.


Elvis on a Horse 


This is pretty clever, but Elvis looks a little too big compared to the horse or the woman.


Elvis and the Peace Sign

Several of these new composite pictures have colorized the original black-and-white Elvis image.  Here, the coat and pants went from black to blue, and the stripes changed to red.  It all works very well with the American flag colors on the peace sign.  Good concept and good design.


Elvis Riding a Frog

This is really cute.  How do people come up with these ideas?


Elvis Spinning on a Turntable

Now this makes sense.  What would be more natural than Elvis on a 33 LP album?  The only thing wrong is that the record doesn’t look like one of his.


At the Door of a 50s Style Diner

This one is kind of weird.  Nothing looks right.  The only parts that look even close are the legs and shoes.  The arm positions have been changed, the jacket doesn’t hang like the original, and Elvis’ face has been changed.  Sorry, this doesn’t work for me.  I hope whoever made it, didn’t waste a whole lot of time on it.  Not worth the effort.


Donald Rumsfeld Elvis

The list of political figures morphed into Elvis images is very long – Reagan, Schwartzenegger, Bush, Nixon and more.  Here we have Donald Rumsfeld, but I have no idea why.


Tom Delay Elvis

Do you remember Tom Delay, the former Texas Congressman and House Majority Leader?  The Jailhouse Rock connection is a good one, because he was sentenced to three years in prison for illegally plotting to funnel corporate contributions to legislative candidates.


Blago Elvis

I’ve used this one before on ElvisBlog, maybe twice before.  But Rod Blagojevich was a genuine Elvis fan, and he is doing the jailhouse rock at this very moment.


Bill Clinton Elvis

It really isn’t fair to show Bill Clinton in front of a prison, because he never went to jail for impeachment.  I wonder why the Photoshop jockey decided to switch the Elvis image around and face the other direction.


J-Lo and Elvis

That’s enough politicians.  How about a hot young Jennifer Lopez dancing with Elvis?  He wouldn’t have minded that at all.  I just wish somebody had done one like this with an Ann-Margret image.


Elvis and Elvis

This is my favorite, so we will end here.  I like the colorized image that changes the shirt stripes to a solid red.  And I love the juxtaposition of dancing Elvis over a blow-up of his eyes transfixed in a serious stare.  Even the lighting effect is cool.  Just an excellent image.


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2012 Elvis T-Shirt Review

For several years, ElvisBlog has celebrated the start of summer with an annual Elvis T-shirt review.  Dozens of new designs show up each year at, so I would study the new ones and pick my favorite top 10 or 12.  I was getting ready to start my 2012 research when an e-mail came in from Ashly at  They too, offer a nice selection of Elvis T-shirts.


Ashly suggested they could pick a Top Ten from the Elvis T-shirts they offer and volunteered to write about them following the pattern used here in previous years.  I said, “Sure, why not.  Let’s see what you’ve got.”  So, here are’s selections, five in men’s shirts and five in woman’s shirts.  I couldn’t help myself from adding little comments under their narrative for each one.


Top 5 Elvis Shirts for Men

1. Black Leather  When we visual Elvis, it’s almost impossible not to picture him in tight black leather from head to foot. This T-shirt displays one of the most famous images of the singer, which was on the cover of Rolling Stone in 1969. The shirt features him playing in front of a small audience at NBC’s ’68 Comeback Special.

ElvisBlog:  I’ve got no problem with this pick as the best men’s shirt.  I favor black T-shirts, Elvis looks so baaaad in his black leather, and the shirt isn’t cluttered up with a lot of text.


2. Cash and the King  You may have thought it was impossible to bring two legends back to life for the price of one, but this t-shirt makes it happen.  Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley shared a love for rock n’ roll, blues, country and gospel music. The two took part in an impromptu gospel jam session in 1956.

ElvisBlog:  Another good black T-shirt.  Notice that Elvis is wearing a tux.  The picture was taken on December 21, 1957 when Elvis visited (but did not perform at) The Grand ‘Ole Opry.  He went backstage and had his picture taken with Johnny Cash and other Opry performers Hank Snow, Ray Price, Ferlin Husky, and Faron Young..  Legend has it that Elvis changed to street clothes afterward and threw the tux in the trash.


3. American Eagle Jumpsuit  Besides tight black leather, what comes to mind when you picture Elvis performing?  If his studded white American Eagle jumpsuit, bedazzled belt buckle and manly chest come to mind, you’ll be taking care of business with this American Eagle jumpsuit T-shirt.

ElvisBlog:  That’s a great promo, but I’m not so sure about this design inspired by the jumpsuit Elvis wore on the Aloha from Hawaii TV special.  I think I would feel a little goofy wearing it.  However, Ashly at says it’s a great seller, so it certainly appeals to other folks.  Maybe it should be offered as a women’s T, as well.


4. Jailhouse Rock  This T-shirt pours with Elvis’ musical passion and original spirit which coincided with Presley’s motion picture and is said to inspire the first ever music video. This T-shirt emits an emotional grandeur for true Elvis fans.

ElvisBlog:  I have a growing file of Photoshopped images that insert this Elvis pose into all sorts of different contexts.  Well, it might as well be inserted into a T-shirt design, too, and this one is pretty good.  Count all the colors: gray, yellow, black, white, red, and skintone.  “Jailhouse Rock” should be higher than # 4.


5. Badge  This one is only for the manliest of men. This t-shirt sports guns and the narcotics badge Elvis personally requested from President Nixon. It also gives you a lovely angle of his devastatingly good looks. Sideburns and all.

ElvisBlog:  I’m not too sure about this design which is a cut-and-paste collage of three unrelated photos.  There is no real connection between Elvis’ guns and the DEA badge he got when he visited Nixon in the White House.  Less informed fans may not know the history of that badge and have no idea what they are seeing.


Top 5 Elvis Shirts for Women

1. Star  Leather and guitars … what more could a woman ask for? This unique tee is beautifully detailed and captures the essence of the talented Elvis exquisitely. This T-shirt features a different design in the front and back.

ElvisBlog:  This shirt has more going for it than you would know by reading the promo above.  That’s not an Elvis photograph; it’s original Joe Petruccio artwork.  Elvis fans know about all his outstanding paintings of Elvis, and they would be more inclined to buy this shirt because of it, so tell them.  Great choice for # 1.


2. Blue Suede Shoes  You can knock me down, step in my face, slander my name all over the place.  Do anything you want to do but lay off them shoes!  This T-shirt features Elvis with the title of the famous song “Blue Suede Shoes” originally written and recorded by Carl Perkins.

ElvisBlog:  I like the shirt, but I can’t figure out why it is called “Blue Suede Shoes.”   There should be more than just those words printed across Elvis’ motorcycle hat.  A better name would be “Biker Elvis.”


3. Smooches  Fall in love with Elvis all over again in this smooches tee. Nothing says Love Me Tender more than a heart embroidered Elvis with lips puckered and ready to plant a big wet one.

ElvisBlog:  Some Elvis designs work well for both men’s and women’s T-shirts, but not this one.  Strictly for the gals.  I really like the design, so I’d move “Smootches” up to # 2 on the women’s list.


4. Blue Suede Shoes … (Again!)  Express your love for blue suede shoes and the young dashing Elvis with this T-shirt. The graphics are in a lovely blue color featuring Mr. Presley himself strumming those beautiful fingers on the guitar.

ElvisBlog:  Now I’m more confused.  Why are there two T-shirts both named “Blue Suede Shoes,” and neither has an image of any shoes?  I don’t mean to quibble with  They don’t name them, just sell them.  Not a bad design, though.  I like the other design a little bit better.


5.  Mug Shot  Whether they admit it or not, all women love bad boys. Especially a bad boy with sideburns, sweet shades and the ability to gyrate his hips in a motion that will make you swoon without warning. This is a mug shot you can’t help but display proudly.

ElvisBlog:  This is an interesting T-shirt, but the image deserves some explanation.  According to Wikipedia, this mug shot was taken in 1970, probably when Elvis was in Washington D.C. visiting the FBI headquarters.


So, there it is, ElvisBlog’s  “2012 Elvis T-Shirt Review.”   Many thanks to the folks at for making their top 10 picks from the Elvis shirts they offer.  I’ve always just looked at his shirts as something fun to wear, but sees something deeper.

“These Elvis T-shirt treasures give you a chance to hold on to memories tangibly or simply express your love for an artist who left a significant footprint on American culture.  These shirts keep the King of Rock N’ Roll close to your heart.”


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Elvis Movie Bloopers

Last year, I mentioned a blooper in the movie Jailhouse Rock.  It was a lapse in continuity in the scene where Elvis sings “Baby, I Don’t Care” at a pool party.  Notice in the close shots Scotty is not wearing sunglasses, but in the long shots, he is.

Jailhouse Rock — No Sunglasses on Scotty


Jailhouse Rock — Scotty Wearing Sunglasses


I must admit I never noticed it, but when I read about it somewhere, I popped the DVD into the computer and checked it out.

Recently, I joined a wonderful website called TOO MUCH MONKEY BUSINESS, The Elvis Forum.  They have dozens of topics, including “Movie Bloopers,” which showed I had missed many other continuity goofs.  Here are some of the better ones.

Viva Las Vegas

This is the same mistake as in Jailhouse Rock.  None of these singers are wearing glasses.

Viva Las Vegas — Singer With No Glasses


But the next shot shows Elvis and Ann-Margret dancing in front of the group.  Look at the guy second from the right.


Viva Las Vegas — Singer with Glasses


As they continue to dance, you can notice a Band-Aid or piece of white tape on Elvis’ second finger, right hand.


Viva Las Vegas — Band-Aid on Second Finger


Whoops, now it’s gone.

Viva Las Vegas — No Baind-Aid on Finger


I like this one in Ann-Margret’s dance routine.  The first shot show her wearing high heels.


Viva las vegas — Ann-Margret Wearing Heels


Later in the dance sequence, she is wearing flat pumps, or whatever you call them.


Viva Las Vegas — Ann-Margret Wearing Flats


Girls! Girls! Girls!

Elvis and Laurel Goodwin walk down the street in front of a movie theater.  Notice anything familiar about the movie poster in the window?


Girls! Girls! Girls! — Walking Past Movie Posters in Window


Oh, yes.  It’s an Elvis Presley movie.




There are some great pictures of Elvis and all the girls around the pool in Spinout.  Notice the girl wearing the white suit with the orange stripes.


Spinout — Girl Wearing White Bathing Suit with Orange Stripes


As the shot changes to Elvis starting to stand up, she’s not there anymore.  The film editor must not have cared about continuity at all.  “Oh, it’s just an Elvis movie.”


Spinout — Where’d She Go?


Live A Little, Love A Little

Working at Classic Cat Magazine was one of two jobs Elvis’ character Greg Nolan tried to do at the same time.  That buxom blonde below is a cardboard stand-up in front of the company’s logo on the wall.


Live A Little, Love A Little — No Classic Cat Magazine on Wall


When the shot changes to a close up, something new has been added.


Live A Little, Love A Little — Classic Cat Magazine on Wall


Fun In Acapulco

The bike ride Elvis and the boy take in town is full of continuity errors, but this one is pretty glaring.  They come to a corner where they will turn right.


Fun In Acapulco — Elvis and Boy Approach a Corner on Bike


Next shot, they have turned the corner.  Hey, how did that car turn into a truck?  How did the restaurant’s curtain get down, and where did all those customers go?


Fun In Acapulco — They Turn the Corner and Everything Has Changed


Kissin’ Cousins

Lance LeGault was a Lousiana blues singer who appeared as Elvis’ double in all the movies from 1960 to 1968.  In Kissin’ Cousins, Elvis played two characters, so Lance did too.  Here he is as Josh Morgan in a large dance sequence.


Kissin’ Cousins — Lance Le Gault Playing Josh Morgan


And here he is as Jody Tatum.  Things move so fast in the scene that most people wouldn’t notice, unless you do pause.  Except for the guy in the plaid shirt and hat and the soldier to his left, it looks like a mostly different group of dancers behind them


Kissin’ Cousins — Lance Le Gault as Jody Tatum



Elvis’ character in Clambake was Scott Hayward, son of the big oilman who owned Hayward Oil.


Clambake — Scott Hayward’s Driver’s Linense


But, look how they spelled the company’s name on this sign.  Also, note how they cut five years off Elvis’ age on the driver’s license.


Clambake — Heyward Oil Sign


Kudos to the members of TOO MUCH MONKEY BUSINESS for spotting these Elvis movie bloopers.   There is a ton of great, unusual stuff on this forum.


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