Andy Griffith and Elvis

Andy Griffith died on Tuesday, July 3 at age 86.  Like all good Elvis fans, when I heard the news, I remembered that Elvis had appeared with him on The Steve Allen Show in 1956.


They were in a silly skit called “Range Roundup,” and Elvis got to shoot the dreaded Tonto Bar.

Photo by Alfred Wertheimer — used by permission


But, how many fans know that Elvis worked with Griffith a year before they appeared together on the Steve Allen Show?  Early in his career, Griffith had some success as a singer.  He took his singing and comedic talents on the road headlining his own show.  Starting on July 25, 1955, Elvis joined Griffith and other performers for a series of nine concerts in Ft. Myers, Orlando, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, and Tampa, Florida.  Look at the line-up for these two July 31, 1955 shows at the Ft. Homer Westerly Armory in Tampa.

Here is the cover of the souvenir photobook that was sold at these concerts.


And here is the Elvis page in the souvenir photobook.


The bio info about Elvis is print to tiny to read, so here is a blow-up.


There are numerous reports that say the cover photo for Elvis’ first album was taken at one of the July 31, 1955, Andy Griffith shows in Tampa.  However, the website For Elvis CD Collectors credits it to William V (Red) Robertson, but the book Elvis, Day By Day claims it was taken by famous celebrity photographer Popsie (William S, Randolph).


If you wish to read more about Elvis and Andy Griffith, please check out the Andy and Elvis Connection.   Believe it or not, the creator of this website found over 80 actors and actresses that appeared in both Elvis movies and Andy Griffith TV shows and movies.


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