Merry Christmas, Elvis — 2012


Each year since 2008, ElvisBlog has presented a pictorial salute to Elvis and Christmas.  As I reviewed the many interesting pictures accumulated this past year, a theme emerged.  People seem to love connecting Elvis with Christmas in all sorts of imaginative ways.


Elvis as Santa:

How cool is this Photoshop effort?  Elvis looks a little young to be Jolly Old St. Nick, but otherwise he makes a great Santa.

This is a nice job, too.  Wish it was in color.

This looks more like Santa being Elvis than the reverse.  I like the jumpsuit elements incorporated into the Santa suit.


Elvis as Reindeer:

What in the world motivates someone to create a Gold Lamé or Jailhouse Rock reindeer?  Strange, but I like them.

Here is an animated reindeer Elvis and his background singers.

The shot comes from a very funny video titled Follow That Sleigh, and in the film the reindeer’s name actually is Elvis.  I bought the VCR tape many years ago and watched it every Christmas season.  Them I switched to DVD and haven’t been able to watch it since.  I miss it.


This picture has nothing to do with Elvis, but I found it during my Google search for Reindeer Elvis.  For some reason, this Retro-Rudolph really tickles me.


Elvis as a Snowman:

Although this snowman has no accessories, its hair, sideburns, big collar and mic all say Elvis.

Okay, the sunglasses aren’t close to Elvis’ style, but they got the jumpsuit and belt look right with all those beads imbedded in the snow.


Lots of accessories on this Elvis snowman.  But, isn’t that cone with flowers in it what they use in cemeteries?

I don’t know about this Elvis snowman.  Kind of has a demented look.  Good hair, though.


Elvis as an Elf:

How about these cute little guys?

Bigger and badder.  Do you think the EE on his hat stands for Elvis the Elf?


Well, that’s ElvisBlog’s 2012 Elvis Christmas pictorial review.  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.  Maybe as good as the one Elvis had in this picture.



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