Elvis Movie 50th Anniversary Pictorials — It Happened at the World’s Fair, 1963

It Happened at the World’s Fair, Elvis’ twelfth film, opened nationally on April 10, 1963.  By this time, Col. Parker and the producers had given up any pretense of putting Elvis into quality movies, and this one was a real stinkeroo, in my opinion.  The plot was very thin, there was way too much of five-year-old Sue-Lin, and the songs were weak (especially the four Elvis sang to Sue-Lin).  However, this is supposed to be a pictorial, not a review, so let’s look at some pictures.

Movie Posters:

World's Fair 5

World's Fair 6


Shots from the Movie:

Water Works Fountain in the Central Courtyard.

The movie could have been a virtual advertisement for the Seattle World’s Fair, because it featured glamorous shots of nine different venues, including the Water Works Fountain in the Central Courtyard shown here.  However, the film premiered several months after the fair closed.

 Space needle 1

Here we have Elvis and co-star Joan O’Brien in the famous Space Needle with its 360 degree rotation that provided stunning views.  Actual filming was done on a set in Hollywood, and the floor didn’t rotate, just the section of windows behind them.  Next time you watch the movie, note how the view never changes.

Singing to Sue-Lin

Elvis spent more time with Sue-Lin than he did with Joan O’Brien, and he sang more songs to the precocious child.  However, the two songs he sang to O’Brien made her melt yieldingly into his arms.


Lobby Cards:

Lobby Card 1a

Lobby Card 2

Lobby Card 3

Lobby Card 4

Lobby Card 5

Lobby Card 6 Better

Lobby Card 7


The One Scene I Can Watch Over and Over:

First Yvonne Craig Kiss

Early in the movie, there is a short scene that has nothing to do with the plot.  Elvis shows up at the house where Yvonne Craig lives, and in no time they are doing this.  Then, she decides things are getting too hot and pulls away.  Elvis chases her all over the living room like a hound dog on the scent.

Mutting on his Moves

Elvis the Hairdresser

More Moves

Moves 4

Moves 3



Believe it or not, Elvis had time to sing a song during all that.  It is said that Elvis dated Yvonne Craig during the filming of the movie.  And, he must have liked her acting skills so much that he elevated her to co-star status a year later in Kissin’ Cousins.


Promotional Photos:

Pretty Girls from Hitch Kiking Scene

Elvis and two young girls who had about five seconds of film time in the scene depicted in the first lobby card – but they sure are pretty.


Elvis in his pilot outfit

Elvis in his pilot outfit


Promo Shot

In the movies, Elvis has sung on trains, trucks, cars, helicopters, and boats.  Why not a rickshaw?

Foreign Posters:

French Poster

French Poster

Italian Poster

Italian Poster

Note what they feature on the Italian poster — Elvis in three fight scenes and putting the make on the girl who is not his co-star.


Behind the Scenes Shots:

Elvis the Hairdresser

Elvis the Hairdresser

Poker game.  Gary Lockwood, Joan O’Brien, and cousin Billy Smith join in.

Poker game. Gary Lockwood, Joan O’Brien, and cousin Billy Smith join in.

Kissing the Co-Star:

Kiss in Space Needle

Kiss in Space Needle

This is about mid-way through the movie before Elvis messes up and she gets all mad at him.

Kissing at End of Movie

Kissing at end of movie – after he wins her back.

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