Elvis T-shirt Review – Summer 2013

An ElvisBlog summer tradition that started in 2008 is back.  This will be the fifth review of the latest in Elvis T-shirts offered by www.ShopElvis.com.  We will look at ten winners, and unfortunately, five that just don’t cut it (for me, anyway).

The Winners

Long Live the King:

Long Live the King

I always prefer T-shirts that don’t spell out ELVIS but still get the message across with the graphics.  And this reproduction of a Joe Petrucio design is just terrific.  Gold letters on a black shirt are a perfect combination, and the Elvis pose is just a knock-out.  I love this shirt.


One and Only (Ladies T, sublimated):

One & Only Ladies Sublimated

They’ve started putting the same design on both the front and back of a few Elvis T-shirts.  For some reason, this is being called Sublimated, although two dictionaries give the word totally unrelated definitions.  You will note the One and Only shirt contains no lettering at all, and none is needed to mark the wearer as an Elvis fan.  They ought to make this design available in Men’s shirts, too.


Red Cape:

Red Cape

As mentioned in previous reviews, I have a distinct preference for black T-shirts.  Here’s one that’s the essence of simplicity – a great jumpsuit shot of Elvis with his name in a large fancy font.  This shirt is definitely a winner.


Black Leather:

Black Leather

This follows the same concept as the on above.  There are many Elvis T-shirt designs featuring ’68 Comeback Special images, and this probably the best.  I like the red hi-lites on the black leather.  The shirt might have been a bit better if the image was on a shirt color that complimented the red and black of the leather suit.


TCB Ornate:

TCB Ornate

At first glance, this seems to be a simple design, but look carefully at everything in it.  You’ve got young Elvis in the center with sort-of a sunburst radiating outward from him.  This is superimposed over his famous TCB jewelry design.  Then, superimposed over everything is his Elvis Presley signature.  But, there is even more.  Look closely at the letter C, and you will see a crown floating over Elvis’s head.  No wonder they called this shirt TCB Ornate.


American Eagle Jumpsuit (Ladies T):

American Eagle Jumpsuit Ladies

Talk about ornate!  I included this design in last summer’s review when it was introduced as a Men’s shirt.  Now it is back as a Ladies T, and that makes better sense.  It might actually look a little weird on a guy.  Too bad they didn’t print the back design of the jumpsuit on the back of the T-shirt.


The King (Ladies T):

The King Ladies

With the possible exception of Elvis’ face being purple, there is much to like about this design.  A black shirt, an excellent image of Elvis wearing his famous shades, and THE KING in large clean lettering.


Good Rockin’ Tonight:

Good Rockin' Tonight

This is the second T-shirt I’ve found that includes the image of my favorite, Scotty Moore.  The other was Elvis Live featured in Elvis T-shirt Review – 2011, which featured a photo from 1956 by Albert Wertheimer.  Scotty is much more visible in this image, and DJ Fontana can be seen in the darkened background.


Fighting King:

 Fighting King

This is a fine image of Elvis wearing his Karate gi and showing one of his moves.  Whatever that is behind him is too pale to figure out, but Elvis’ hair is certainly interesting.  My only complaint is that this would have been much better on a colored shirt, say maybe maroon.

68 Special (Ladies T, sublimated):

'68 Special Ladies Sublimated

This is the third new Elvis T-shirt winner this year that features an image from the ’68 Special.  Never can have too much black leather, right?  I love tie-dye shirts, and if you look closely, that makes this look like Elvis has a bunch of small black spikes coming out of his hair.  Maybe they did that on purpose.


The Losers


68 Special Rock:

68 Special Rock

Come on, give us more than a reproduction of a poster.


Sun Rockin’ Rooster:

Sun Rockin' Rooster

When I look at an Elvis T-shirt, I expect to see Elvis on it, not a rooster.  There have been several cool Sun Records shirts, but this isn’t one.


Jailhouse Pop (Ladies T):

Jailhouse Pop Ladies

Sorry, but to me this looks like Elvis has been tied at the hands and feet to a wall and is getting tortured by having red paint splashed on his body.


Jailhouse Rock Replica:

Jailhouse Rock Replica

Another bad Jailhouse Rock shirt.  This one is hideous.  I wouldn’t wear it even if it was given to me for free.


Neon Shades:

Neon Shades

Could there be an uglier image of Elvis than this?  The glasses are creepy and the shading under the chin looks like a beard.  If you didn’t know better, you might think this is a guy that organizes migrant farm workers.  Uuugh.


All of these designs are available in the ShopElvis online catalog under the New Arrivals tab of the Hot Items section.  If you saw anything in this post that appeals to you and want to buy it, click here.  If you buy any of the Losers, send me a picture of you wearing it.  I’ll post it on ElvisBlog and try not to make any snide remarks.


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