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If you want to discover a cool Elvis website, please check out ELVIS – Echoes of the Past.  The content is mostly images with a little narration.  Ger Rijff and Bob Pakes have accumulated a vast collection Elvis photos, news articles, and memorabilia, and we fans now get to peak into the scrapbook.  My favorite section is Movie Stills, which contains the complete sets of movie studio film stills.  So far, Bob has covered seven movies.  After I checked out all seven recently, twelve of the shots caught my attention as something fun to write about.

Change Of Habit  --  The Smile

Like this one from Change of Habit.  I’ve never seen it before.  Doesn’t it look like he’s saying, “After I ditch Mary Tyler Moore, what do you say we have a little party?”  And she certainly looks interested.


Charro  --  Snake in Nose 1

I can’t believe they used this shot as a promotion for Charro.  The guy’s got a long stick coming out his nose.  Eeeeuuu.


Charro  --  Snake in nose 2

Oh, no.  Now Elvis is doing it.


Jailhouse Rock  --  Bill, DJ and Scotty

I must admit I cropped Elvis out of this Jailhouse Rock still.  He was sitting at the right end of the bar.   Over the years, I have emailed photos to Karen Fontana and Gail Pollock that show their men, DJ and Scotty, in scenes from Elvis movies.  This time, I thought they might get a lick out of seeing their guys in a movie shot that doesn’t include Elvis.  It may be the only time they were filmed on a stage when he wasn’t right there in front of them.


Wild-In-The-Country  --  Load of laundry

Check out this exciting, action-packed still.  I can’t believe they thought it would make a good promo for Wild in the Country.  Hope Lange is loading a basket of folded laundry into a car.  That really makes you want to see the movie.  Gimme a break!


Viva  --  Ann in Baathing Suit

I don’t believe I’ve ever previously seen this shot of Ann Margret promoting Viva Las Vegas, but it’s a good one.  She certainly looks fine.

Ann Nargret on Bike

Here’s another solo shot of Ann Margret that’s pretty cool.  This Viva Las Vegas film still set contains nineteen shots of Elvis and Ann Margret together, more pairings than for any of the other movies covered so far.

Viva  --  Dancing on a Pedestal

I picked this one because it is different, but also because Elvis and the dancer are on that little pedestal.  It reminds me of those collectible Elvis figurines that have him standing on some kind of base.


Loving-You  --  Groupie

I love this shot of Elvis and the groupie from the Loving You stills.  That is one determined girl.  How did he ever turn her down?  Man of steel?


Loving You - Black, hairy thing on collar

Yikes!  What’s that hairy black thing behind Elvis’ collar?  Is it a little kitten?


Flaming Star -- Campfire with Groupies

For some reason, this still of Elvis around the campfire in Flaming Star tickles me.  It’s hard to see in detail, but Elvis is passing a peace pipe to one of the tribal elders.  If you study the picture closely, maybe you will see the two long-haired blondes sitting across from Elvis.  Nothing better than Kiowa groupies after the campfire.


Wild-In-The-Country  --  Red takes a beating

Elvis had several fight scenes with Red West in his movies, like this one from Wild in the Country.   Whenever I see a shot like this, I imagine my own caption:  “I’m going to beat the crap out of you for writing that rotten book about me.”


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My thanks to Ger and Bob for graciously encouraging me to have fun with a few Elvis movie stills.  Click on the image above to check out all of them, plus lots of other cool Elvis stuff.

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