Elvis Movie 50th Anniversary Pictorials: Fun in Acapulco – 1963

You can tell from the title of this post that I am a little late getting it out. Fun in Acapulco actually premiered in November 1963. So, 2014 will be a big year for 50th anniversary movie pictorials on ElvisBlog, with Kissin’ Cousins, Viva Las Vegas, and Roustabout coming up.


Movie Posters:

Fun in Acapulco Poster 1

All of the posters have some variation of Elvis with his sombrero and colorful blanket, plus Ursula Andress in her bikini giving a looking-over-the-shoulder pose.

Fun in Acapulco Poster 2

Here, both images are flipped

 Fun in Acapulco Poster 3

The other thing all of them have is the long shot of someone (presumably Elvis) diving off the cliff. Okay, let’s look at one more variation.

 Fun in Aculpulco Poster 4


Shots from the Movie:

Elvis and Fun in Acapulco Co-stars

Here’s Elvis with his two leading ladies – Ursula Andress and Elsa Cardenas. I kind of liked the competition between these two to win their man.


Elvis and Raoul in Fun in Acapulco

This is Raoul, a street smart eight-year-old who functions as Elvis’ manager by getting him singing gigs and extracting maximum pay for them. Some have suggested that the screenwriters modeled Raoul’s tactics after those of Col. Parker. This was the second film in a row where Elvis had a kid as co-star, but I liked Raoul a lot more than five-year-old Sue-Lin in It Happened at the World’s Fair.


Elvis and Checking Out Ursula in Fun in Acapulco

Here’s an interesting shot of Elvis and Ursula. Looks like he is admiring something about her.


Elvis and Ursula Poolside in Fun in Acapulco

Here’s another wet-body shot of them with something for the males in the audience to admire.

 Fun in Acapulco - Elvis Performing

Elvis sang eleven songs in Fun in Acapulco – in nine different locations and wearing a different outfit for each one.


Lobby Cards:

For some reason, there were two different sets of lobby cards for Fun in Acapulco. Here are some that feature full size photos with no accompanying graphics.

Fun in Acapulco - Lobby Card 1

Fun in Acapulco - Lobby Card 2

Fun in Acapulco - Lobby Card 3

Then, there is the set that incorporates the familiar poster images of Elvis and Ursula Andress.

 Lobby Cards - 1

 Lobby Cards - 2

 Lobby Cards - 3


Behind the Scenes Shots:

Elvis with Ursula Andrees in Curlers

Here are four off-stage shots of Elvis and Ursula Andress. There don’t seem to be any shots of Elvis and Elsa Cardenas together.

 Elvis and Ursula - Off Screen Hug

 Elvis and Ursula Off Screen

 Elvis Getting Cozy with Ursula

 According to the book Elvis: His Life from A to Z, Ursula Andress “was once romantically linked to Elvis.” Hmmm. What do you think?


Elvis Practicing Fight Scene

Here are Elvis and Alejandro Rey practicing their fight scene. In the movie, it occurs in a hotel lobby and they are fully clothed.


Fun in Acapulco - Elvis Climbing Fake Cliff

Elvis’ big break-through moment in the film comes when he conquers his fears and dives off a 136 foot cliff into the ocean. Here is how they filmed him climbing up the cliff.


Foreign Posters:

Spanish Poster - Fun in Acapulco

This Spanish poster has the familiar Elvis image, but Ursula Andress is missing. Instead, we get a black-and-white cut-out of Elvis and Elsa Cardenas, his Hispanic co-star.

Spanish Poster - Fun in Acapulco 2

Here’s another Spanish poster with a totally different concept.


German Poster - Fun in Acapulco

Yet another different concept for this German poster.


Mexican Lobby Cards - Fun in Acapulco

This Mexican poster is loaded with a total of seven images, although it is strange that the pair of Elvis-and-girlfriend shots aren’t in color.

Elvis and Aggressive Teenage Girls:

 Fun in Acapulco Elvis and Teenager

The movie starts with Elvis working on a yacht, and the owner’s daughter makes a move on him. Elvis spurns her advances, and she gets revenge by lying about him and getting him in trouble. If this sounds familiar, it is. Remember these scenes from Loving You and Blue Hawaii?

 Loving You -Elvis and Groupie

 Blue Hawaii - Elvis and Teenager


The Kiss:

Following tradition, this movie pictorial will end with a photo of Elvis kissing his love-interest.

Elvis Kissing Ursula in Fun in Acapulco


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