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Happy Birthday ElvisBlog

This month marks the ninth anniversary of ElvisBlog. The number of Elvis fans visiting the site continues to grow, and the inspirations for blog topics keep coming, so ElvisBlog will plug along into its tenth year.

Elvis Picking up Girl

One thing I learned over the years is to include a good picture early in the post. Don’t open with a whole bunch of text pushing the first photo way down and off the reader’s screen. ElvisBlog is supposed to be fun, not a literary journal. The first image now also shows on my Facebook page in the thumbnail tease from the NetworkedBlogs link. It really pays to have an interesting first photo.

By the way, this shot was used in Caption Contest #13 back in 2009 with the winning caption “Elvis tries out a new way to pick up girls.” There hasn’t been a new caption contest is a long time. I need to do some.

 ElvisBlog 2007 Homepage


This 2007 ElvisBlog homepage shows what it looked like for the first few years. Obviously, it needed to be jazzed up a bit. The tag line to the right of the title may be too small for you to read, but it said:

Nuggets of news, history and commentary posted every Sunday


That had to go. I make a serious effort to post a new blog every weekend (Friday – Sunday, sometimes Monday), but you can’t pin yourself down to a specific day. Also, the tag line worked originally when the posts were all text, but as pictures become a prominent part of the mix, the trend went toward more fun topics. Thus, the change in 2011 to:

All the Cool Stuff Out There in Elvis World


Elvis Spank

Thanks to endless hours of searching on Google Images, I have collected a bottomless treasure chest of cool Elvis images. Until now, this picture has never been used on ElvisBlog, mainly because it didn’t fit in any of the themes. I have one set of pictures that I am saving until the last post, whenever that is. It will surely anger the folks at Graceland, but it will be too late then for them to put the muscle on me.

If you scroll back up, you will note that the title of that 2007 post was “Fool’s Gold,” referring to the huge sandwich containing a jar of peanut butter, a jar of grape jam, and a pound of bacon on an Italian loaf split down the middle. Elvis had such a craving for it that he flew from Memphis to Denver to get one.

Early on, I delighted in other catchy titles like:

Virtuoso of Hootchy-Kootchy – This title came from Jack Gould, entertainment critic for the New York Times. It was the only semi-favorable opinion in his brutal article about Elvis’ second appearance on the Milton Berle Show.

A Jug of Corn Liquor at a Champagne Party — This post was a look at Elvis’ 1956 appearances at the New Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas. The line came from a Newsweek magazine review.

Is It A Sausage? No, It’s A Rusty Foghorn – This title came from two phrases in a 1956 New York Times review of Elvis’ first movie Love Me Tender. The reviewer said Elvis looked like a smooth, damp-looking sausage, and his singing voice sounded like a rusty foghorn.

My favorite title of all was Turgid, Juicy and Flamboyant, from another New York Times review, but it has the same problem as the others above — the word Elvis was not in the titles. I learned that to grow your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Elvis needed to be in the title, so now it is whenever possible. Check out the titles of the eight most recent ElvisBlog posts, top of left column.


Bush in an Elvis Jumpsuit

This is just another photo to break up the text. And an example of how the Photoshop jockeys love altering Elvis. ElvisBlog has posted photos of Presidents Reagan, Bush (41), Clinton, Bush (43) and Obama in Elvis jumpsuits. I did get some negative feedback when I posted Osama bin Laden in one.


After a few years of emphasizing the fun side of Elvis, a logo was added to the ElvisBlog homepage.


ElvisBlog Lip Logo


Hopefully everyone recognizes the famous Elvis lip curl. That was one inspiration for it. Here is the other:


Rolling Stones logo


One last thing about the February 2007 ElvisBlog homepage shown above. Under Recent Articles, the list included “Happy Birthday ElvisBlog.” Back then, after two years of existence, the number of hits per week was up to a little over 1,000. Today it is over 5,600. So, thanks to all you folks who keep coming back.

As long as I’m able, ElvisBlog will continue to bring you all the cool stuff out there in Elvis World.

Phil Arnold
Original Elvis Blogmeister


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