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Thank you, thank you very much

Elvis Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving and Elvis. Three times in the past five years, I found enough photos connecting Elvis and Thanksgiving to create ElvisBlog posts. This year, because it’s the time when we all give thanks, it seemed like a good idea to Google ‘Thank You, Elvis’ and see what came up. With luck, there would be some pictures that could be used in another Thanksgiving post.

Well, not exactly. What Google did find were dozens of images containing the famous Elvis phrase, “Thank you. Thank you very much.” So, here are some of the best.

Elvis Thank You 13

Elvis Thank You 5

Elvis Thank You 7

Elvis Thank You 8

Elvis Thank You 6

Elvis Thank You 2

Elvis Thank You 1

Elvis Thank You 10

Elvis Thank You 18

Elvis Thank You 19

Elvis Thank You 17

Elvis Thank You 16

Elvis Thank You 4

Elvis Thank You 12

Elvis Thank You 11

Elvis Thank You 3

Elvis Thank You 9

That last picture looks like it came from a birthday celebration, but this is Thanksgiving, so we’ll end with this.

Elvis Happy Thanksgiving 2014


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(Editor’s note: I found the last picture on the internet and traced it back to the Facebook page of Wendee Preslee. If you’d like to see all her Elvis creations, click here.)

Elvis and Comic Books

 Elvis Reading Archie Comic Book

This is an altered Al Wertheimer photo showing Elvis traveling by train to Memphis on July 4, 1956. He is reading Betty and Veronica and Jughead comic books, which have been colorized. I found the picture on the website Dial B for Blog, the self proclaimed World’s Greatest Comic Blogazine. The site once did a four-part series on the connection between Elvis and Captain Marvel Jr., and I condensed it for an ElvisBlog article back in 2005.


Jughead's Folly 1957

As much as Elvis liked the Archie series comic books, it seems the feeling was mutual. This is a 1957 issue where Jughead imitates Elvis and sings “All Shook Down.” Jughead’s Folly is believed by experts to contain the very first reference to Elvis Presley in a comic book. For that reason, a very good quality copy of it sold for $460 at a 2005 auction.


Elvis on Archie and Me Cover

This Archie and Me issue has a drawing of Elvis on the cover. This artwork is much better than the one of Fats Domino’s face. It looks like the artist didn’t know who Fats was and painted Big Joe Turner instead. This comic book was part of a lot of 41 that sold at auction in 2008, so its value can’t be reported here.


Life With Archie

This time it’s Archie, not Jughead, with the guitar on the cover. Jughead doesn’t seem to be too happy about it. I guess he liked being the one making like Elvis. This Life with Archie cover showed up on Google, and the year wasn’t noted. But, it’s original price was just ten cents, same as the first one above that came out in 1957.


Elvis on Spoof Comic

Marvell Comics also put Elvis on the cover of a comic book. Actually, this issue of Spoof featured a galaxy of rock stars. Starting from bottom left above the railing, you can recognize the Jackson 5 (isn’t little baby Michael cute?). Above them are the Osmonds. Moving right we see John Lennon administering the oath of office to David Cassidy. To the right of John is Yoko Ono, then George, Paul, and Ringo. Next is Mick Jagger and another member of the Rolling Stones. Finally, we get to Elvis (did he ever really say “Far out?”). I guess the guy in the fluffy
shirt is David Bowie. This 1973 issue sold for $60 in 2007.


Elvis on I Love You Comic Book

I don’t know if Charlton Comics are still around, but they put out this      I Love You issue in 1966 with a drawing of Elvis on the cover. Too bad we can’t see what the “Here Comes Elvis” story is all about. This comic sold for $1,300 in 2011.


Elvis on Young Lovers Comics

This is a little different. Instead of a drawing of Elvis on the cover, here we get an actual photograph. The price is ten cents, so it probably came out around 1957.


Elvis-Looking Ren and Stimpy Comic

We’ll finish up with other Elvis-related comic books I found on the internet. This one is a kind of interesting variation on the Elvis stamp. Check out what’s in Ren/Elvis’ hand. It’s not a mic, it’s a hotdog.



I don’t know anything about Starman. If he’s a good guy, then the guy in the Elvis jumpsuit must be the villain.


King Comics

Is this Elvis-looking dude a villain?  Or maybe all those zombies are the bad guys and King is just a scary-looking good guy.


Trencher Comics

There’s no doubt that Trencher is the bad guy here. What’s up with Elvis’ hair? And what’s that sticking out of his mouth?


Elvis on Crossfire Rainbow Comic

We’ll end with a comic book cover that portrays Elvis as he really looked. Crossfire and Rainbow are the two characters at the bottom. The title of the story inside is “This Isn’t Elvis.” If not, he still had two fine side-kicks. Wish I could read the story.


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50th Anniversary Elvis Movie Pictorial: Roustabout — 1964


Elvis’ 16th movie, Roustabout, opened on November 11, 1964. It used to be more fun doing these pictorials on the early Elvis movies that were mostly pretty good. But, I found it hard to get cranked up for Roustabout, because I just don’t really care for it.

Elvis and Joan Freeman in Roustabout

Part of the problem for me is Elvis’ love interest in this movie. Joan Freeman just doesn’t work for me as woman Elvis would be attracted to. Or, maybe she just didn’t have the attributes needed to keep my interest. You women get to oogle at Elvis, but us male fans need our eye candy, too. Girls like Ann Margret, Yvonne Craig, Barbara Eden, Shelley Fabares, Tuesday Weld and Michele Carey. These love interests added some sizzle.

Elvis and Sue Anne Langdon as Madame Mijanou in Roustabout

In Roustabout, the only sexual tension came from Sue Ane Langdon, who as fortune teller Madame Mijanjou wanted Elvis badly, but he pushed her away for Joan Freeman. Stupid move.

Speaking of Sue Ane Langdon, Elvis must have liked her, because she later appeared in Frankie and Johnny with him.

Sue Ane Langdon, Donna Douglas, Nancy Kovack in Frankie and Johnny

This publicity photo shows Sue Ane Langdon, Donna Douglas, and Nancy Kovack. Now that’s some eye-candy.

So, what else does this dull movie have interesting enough to put in this article? How about the opening credits? Think about how many Elvis movies start with him travelling down the highway (or the air or the water) singing the title song. Here are some examples:

Elvis Singing Title Song - Follow That Dream

Follow That Dream

Elvis Singing Title Song - Girls, Girls, Girls

Girls, Girls, Girls

Elvis Singing During Opening Credits - Kid Galahad

Kid Galahad

Elvis Singing Title Song - It Happened at the World's Fair

It Happened at the World’s Fair

Elvis Singing Title Song - Fun in Acapulco

Fun in Acapulco

So, when Roustabout starts, we hear the title song and see a convertible coming down the road.

Roustabout Opening Credits

Naturally, we think it’s Elvis behind the wheel. But, no, it’s four college kids. Surprise.

Elvis Singing Title Song - Roustabout

See the dark haired girl in the back seat? This is Raquel Welch in her first movie role.

Raquel Welch in Roustabout

Raquel had one line. She says to this waitress, “How can you call this a teahouse, dear?

Raquel Welch and Guy from Girl Happy

See the guy next to Raquel in the blue letter sweater? He also showed up later in Girl Happy.

Elvis and Wolf Call O'Brien in Girl Happy


Roustabout has another actor in it with duel credits in Elvis movies.

Elvis and Jack Albertson - Roustabout

Jack Albertson as stage manager/MC at the roadhouse where Elvis performed in Roustabout.

Jack Albertson as Captain Salbo in Kissin’ Cousins

Jack Albertson as Captain Salbo in Kissin’ Cousins

And there is on person who appeared in Roustabout and five other Elvis movies as a dancer.

Elvis and Teri Garr - Roustabout

That’s Teri Garr to the right of Elvis. Check her out in other Elvis movies by clicking here.

Here’s some other Roustabout tidbits.

Elvis Winning Fight with Karate Chop in Roustabout

Elvis beats up on these two college smart-asses using karate. He used that a few more times in his movies, didn’t he? In Roustabout, Elvis actually has four fights. Seems like that should be a record, but I’m not going to watch all the movies again to find out for sure.

Elvis in Jail - Roustabout

Uh, oh, Elvis landed in jail. How many times has that happened in Elvis movies? Let’s see, Jailhouse Rock, Girl Happy… probably more.

While looking for photos of Joan Freeman, I came across this one:

Joan Freeman and Roy Orbison

Joan looks hotter here, but who is that with her? Give up? It’s Roy Orbison in his one and only movie role, The Fastest Guitar Alive.

Fastest Guitar Alive Poster

The movie was made in 1967 and is thought by some to be a classic because it is so weird.

Hidden Rifle in Fastest Guitar Alive

How’s this for a plot device? Turn that little knob and a rifle barrel comes out of a secret compartment and you’re ready to shoot-‘em-up.

Roy Orbison and Girls in Fastest Guitar Alive

In this promo shot both Roy and Joan look pretty good.

Roy Orbison Kissing Joan Freeman

And this is them kissing.

I always end these Elvis movie pictorials with a shots of him kissing his leading ladies, so here’s Elvis and Joan Freeman.

Elvis Kissing Joan Freeman in Roustabout

Frankly, I think Roy got the better kiss from her.

But, don’t worry, Elvis. You got this one from Sue Ane Langdon.

Elvis Kissing Sue Ane Langdon in Roustabout

You should have given in, Elvis, and enjoyed the sizzle.



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Graceland’s Elvis Pumpkin Contest Winners Announced

ElvisBlog Pumpkin Entry

No, this is not the the contest winner.  It is the ElvisBlog entry. Because there were actually three winners, the best I call it is the unofficial 4th place winner. Here are the top three:

Winner Graceland Pumpkin Contest 1

This appears to be carved on one of those foam craft pumpkins mentioned in the post two weeks ago (especially in the Comments). This medium certainly does offer enhanced design possibilities with all the variety of colors possible depending on how deep into the foam you cut.


Winner Graceland Pumpkin Contest 2

I’ve got this figurine and several others, so maybe i’ll get an inspiration on how to use one without totally plagiarizing this concept.  I particularly like the hole in the top allowing Elvis to be lit from below.  Pretty clever.


Winner Graceland Pumpkin Contest 3

I’m ambivalent about this one.  It probably isn’t up to the caliber of the other two winners, but it is certainly ahead of the losers.


Speaking of losers, I have a photo file called Elvis Impersonator Losers (some are featured here). I think I should start one called Elvis Pumpkin Losers, and this group from the 2014 contest should be in it:

Graceland Elvis Pumpkin Contest Loser 1

How do you like the stem growing out of Elvis’ head?  Or the pink lips?  I always wondered why anyone would buy the fake Elvis shades with black sideburns hanging down.   Now I know.


Graceland Elvis Pumpkin Contest Loser 2

OK, how about Albino Elvis?   Just love the hair.


Graceland Pumpkin Contest Loser 3

So, maybe Magic Marker hair is even worse.  The blue suede shoes are a nice touch.


Graceland Elvis Pumpkin Contest Loser 4

Is this Elvis or the Pillsbury Dough Boy?  With that huge nose, its hard to tell.


Graceland Elvis Pumpkin Contest Loser 5

Another weird nose.  And hair line.  Interesting pendant and colorful collar, though.


Graceland Elvis Pumpkin Contest Loser 6

If you showed this one to ten people on the street, how many do you think would recognize this as Elvis?


Graceland Elvis Pumpkin Contest Loser 7

The mouth on this one is way better than the ones above.  But the hair?


Presumably, there will be another Elvis Pumpkin Contest next year.  All, I can say is that hopefully Elvis fans will up their game and make better submissions.

Hope you all had a great Halloween.

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