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Serious Praise for BIG E and the SANTA MAN …….. by people of stature in Elvis World

The last promotional post for BIG E and the SANTA MAN was tongue-in-cheek, pretending that famous politicians have read the book.

Trump-Hillary-Biden withe Big E and the Santa Man

But some very real people with very real credibility in the Elvis community have read it. Here’s what they have to say.


Jerry Osborne

Elvis collector, historian, and editor of:
ELVIS – Just Like Any Other Soldier
ELVIS Word for Word
Presleyanna: The Elvis Presley Price Guide




Jerry Osborne Books


Because Big E and the Santa Man is “A Rock & Roll Christmas Fantasy,” anything that can be imagined can happen … and does.

In the first chapter of this delightful little story, Elvis arrives at the North Pole to visit Santa and Mama Claus. He tells them to call him Big E. Ultimately, he and Santa are on a mission to see that all the presents get delivered on Christmas Eve, but a nasty villain, and his dreaded transporter beam, is out to sabotage the journey.

Of course both sides have their soldiers, good elves and bad, along with some very cool science fiction and futuristic gizmos. You’ll have to read the book to know how the battle ends, and more importantly, whether or not the presents get delivered.

I give Big E and the Santa Man a big “E” for “Entertaining.”

Jerry Osborne


Alan Hanson

Elvis Biography Author, 
Elvis ’57, The Final Fifties Tours
Elvis Blog Creator,
Elvis-History Blog –


Alan Hanson Book and Blog


Have you ever wondered where Elvis Presley is now and what he’s doing? Phil Arnold, the original Elvis blogger, has provided intriguing answers to those questions in his new book, Big E and the Santa Man.

It’s fitting that Elvis should partner with another cultural icon to combat the forces of evil and continue spreading joy to people of all ages. This book affirms what all fans of the “King of Rock ’n’ Roll” know to be true—that the spirit of Elvis Presley will live on forever.

Every Elvis fan, young and old, will enjoy reading Phil Arnold’s Big E and the Santa Man this and every Christmas season to come.

Alan Hanson


Red Robinson

Legendary DJ —Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 1995




Red Robinson Website and Pic with Elvis


Big E and the Santa Man is a fantastic world that Phil Arnold has created. Taking two magical characters and bringing them together works in this very imaginative story. Elvis always loved Christmas and I am sure he would have enjoyed this tale.

Red Robinson


Jeff Schrembs

Elvis collector, historian, commentator, and blogger


Jeff Schrembs Website and Blog


Phil Arnold has written a witty and insightful Christmas fantasy… a good read you will enjoy this Christmas and each one to come.

In chapter after chapter of BIG E and the SANTA MAN, the characters, the dialog, and the surroundings become more vivid. The exchanges involving “Big E” convey Elvis’ mannerisms, his good heart, and his vocal Inflections, and in doing so breathe life into the pages.

I have often said that part of Elvis’ genius was his heart. His charitable interests and giving. His true caring for others. These qualities far too often are overlooked.

Thank you Phil Arnold for giving of your time and passion concerning Elvis Presley. And for writing this enjoyable book that is light hearted but carries a strong message. Take care and may God bless you always.

Jeff Schrembs


So, there it is…. Positive reviews of BIG E and the SANTA MAN from four people of stature in Elvis World. If you had been skeptical before that the book could be any good, this should give you confidence that it is. You will love the book as much as these people.

And did you notice that all four reviews mentioned Christmas?  This is a Rock and Roll Christmas fantasy.  As I’ve said before, BIG E and the SANTA MAN is the:



So, tell somebody you want this book for Christmas, and tell them to send a check for $10 to:

Phil Arnold
159 Browning Dr.
Greer, SC 29650

That’s right, a mere $10. I’ll get the book out to you immediately, and even with slow Media Mail service, you’ll have it within ten days or so. If you have any questions, email me at


Big E and the Santa Man - Cover - Smaller


Thank you, thankyouverymuch,


Original ElvisBlogmeister


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Show Your Dog’s Inner Elvis this Halloween

Show Your Inner Elvis at Halloween

Did this offer from show up in your email inbox recently?  They’ve actually got some quality costumes available this year.  The gold lame suit goes for $190, the black female jumpsuit is $60, and the American Eagle jumpsuit is the top item at $250.

Elvis Adult Jumpsuit

This’s also a cheapo version of American Eagle that sells for $69 today, but as noted in a 2008 ElvisBlog article, it cost only $38 then.  Well, I guess inflation catches everything including Halloween Elvis jumpsuits.


Elvis Deluxe Costume Wig

This is the wig in the promo email.  It is called the Elvis Deluxe Costume Wig and sells for $30.  I love this the item description that says it is made of polyester, and that it has the feel of real hair.  What?


Elvis Rubber Costume Wig with Sideburns

This bottom of the line wig is one-piece rubber for $15.  Kind of like a shower cap with sideburns.  As bad as that sounds, I did an article on Elvis wigs back in 2007 that showed some real losers (admittedly, not from ShopElvis).


Bad Elvis Halloween Wig

How would you like to go to a Halloween party wearing this one?


Horrible Elvis Halloween Wig

Oh, please!!


Of course, some folks like to dress up their dogs for Halloween.  And there are websites where you can buy Elvis wigs and costumes for dogs.

K9 Chic Elvis Dog

Doesn’t Rover look cute?


100Genius Costumes

Yes sir, this is genius, all right.

100 Genius Costumes Elvis Dog

Interesting placement of the sunglasses.


Costume Craze

Looks like they covered all elements of iconic Elvis regalia on this dog. Wait, no oversize belt and buckle?

Costume Craze Dog Elvis


Lots more dogs in Elvis wigs and costumes show up on the web, but not at sites that that have them for sale.  Maybe they are homemade.  Here are some of the better ones.


Brown Elvis Wig

Seems like this wig should be blacker.


Dog in Elvis Costume in front of Mic

The owner of these dogs went to some real trouble to stage this shot.  Unfortunately, it looks more like Roy Orbison than Elvis.


Elvis Dog 5 Best

This dog looks like he’s really thrilled to be dressed up like Elvis.


Standing Dog Elvis with Guitar

Another staged shot.  He really deserves a doggie treat after putting up with this.


Hound Dog with Elvis wig

This is my favorite.  You ain’t nothin’ but an Elvis…



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Even Politicians Love BIG E and the SANTA MAN

Donald Trump and BIG E and the SANTA MAN


Hey, if you’re not a fan of Donald Trump, don’t let that turn you off about BIG E and the SANTA MAN. The important thing is that you are a fan of Elvis, and this book is the:

Perfect Christmas Gift for Elvis Fans


Why? It’s a Rock and Roll Christmas fantasy and you can see by the cover who the hero is. Don’t leave it up to family or friends to find just any old Elvis something to give you for Christmas. Tell them you want BIG E and the SANTA MAN under the Christmas tree.


Hilary and Stolen BIG E and the SANTA MAN

You would be mad, too, if you started reading this book and somebody stole it. You would want it back so you could find out who’s behind a succession of evil plots to ruin Christmas. You would want to see how Santa and Big E team up to foil these plots. You would want to learn about all of the North Pole’s magical properties, in addition to those introduced in Chapter 1.


Joe Biden and BIG E and the SANTA MAN

He’s not the only one who loves BIG E and the SANTA MAN. And the list of people who do will be really long after it appears under Christmas trees all over the country. You need to make sure you are in this group.

So, tell one of those folks that gives you an Elvis item for Christmas each year to send a check for $10 to:

Phil Arnold
159 Browning Dr.
Greer, SC 29650

I’ll get a copy mailed right away, and it takes about two weeks to deliver as Media Mail. As I said before, $10 really is a cheap introductory price and a bargain. For now, I just want to make it easy to get copies of BIG E and the SANTA MAN into the hands of Elvis fans and generate some buzz.

So, be decisive and get a copy ordered.  And be sure to let me know if you want it to be inscribed and autographed.

Big E and the Santa Man Final Cover


Thank you, thankyouverymuch,

Phil Arnold
Original ElvisBlogmeister

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Graceland West

Elvis' Graceland Looking West

Study this aerial photo for a minute. In the middle of the big wooded area is the Graceland Mansion and all the other buildings. You can see the swimming pool and the Meditation Garden on the left. Now look across the street. You can’t miss Elvis’ plane, the Lisa Marie, and the rest of the buildings of Graceland Plaza, home to the ticket office, shops and restaurants. At the far left end you can barely make out the blue Caddy in front of the Car Museum.

Current Graceland Plaza in Memphis

Here’s a couple of ground level shots of Graceland Plaza. Like me, you probably have good memories of time spent there on our pilgrimages to Memphis.

More Current Graceland Plaza

Well, soon memories will be all there is. EPE is going to tear the whole thing down. And wait ‘til you see what they want to build instead.


Memphis Commercial Appeal Article on Graceland Expansion

This article appeared on the Memphis Commercial Appeal website dated September 3, 2015. The key words in the headline are “files plans,” which means there may be a few snags before this becomes a reality. Here is what EPE is proposing.

They are seeking approval for a $30-35 million entertainment complex tentatively named Graceland West on 45 acres. According to the application to the Office of Planning & Development, the project will include “a car museum showcasing cars owned by Elvis, two restaurants, a soundstage, a retail component, and a museum highlighting and named Elvis the Entertainer.’’

Sounds pretty good, but where did this 45 acres come from?


Aerial View of Graceland Plaza and Land behind it

Let’s study another map. At the bottom center we see the current Graceland Plaza. All that land behind it used to be the Craft Manor Apartments. Some years ago, EPE purchased the whole thing, and as you can see, all the buildings have been demolished. So, EPE can build their new Graceland West complex there without any interruption of the business at Graceland Plaza. Things will get a little messy when the existing buildings are demolished to make way for a park-like setting with trees, landscaping, etc.

Graceland West Concept Plan

This drawing takes a little time to understand, but you will see a curving entrance road come off Elvis Presley Boulevard and lead to a turn-around area for the busses that move people to-and-from the mansion. You can see this entrance road has a gate, but what is harder to see is that a six-foot-high ornamental metal fence surrounds the entire property. There will be trees planted along the bottom of it fronting Craft Rd, but the view along Elvis Presley Boulevard will be unobstructed.

Now, see the grey area in the center. That is sort-of an open pedestrian plaza with sidewalks, benches, fountains, etc. Right in the center is an irregular-shaped building that obviously will house the ticket office and plenty of other stuff.

Around the perimeter of the plaza area, you can see a sprawling E-shaped building. And I believe there is one more building northeast of the central one. It flanks the entrance from the large parking lot at the top.

Other tid-bits of information in the news release included:

They hope to have it completed by October 2016, the same as the new 450-room Guest House at Graceland.

Total acreage for all the various EPE properties now is 120 acres. It started out with just Graceland at 12 acres.

Landscaping in front includes willow oak, tulip poplar and maple trees.

Memphis and the state of Tennessee will make $43 million worth of improvements to Elvis Presley Boulevard over the next three to five years. I believe this includes much more than just the section in front of Graceland.

“Graceland West” is not expected to be the final name of the entertainment complex.

Heartbreak Hotel will be knocked down. In its place, more parking will be added.

A 35-foot-high lighted sign will be part of the project. (Sounds like Las Vegas, doesn’t it?)

Memphis Commercial Appeal Article on Graceland Expansion

At this meeting, nearby residents gathered to listen to the President and CEO of Elvis Presley Enterprises, Jack Soden. He told them that Elvis’ memorabilia and displays will be moved across the street and showcased in a new 22,000 square-foot Elvis “career museum.”

“We’re going to move an awful lot of what’s presented in the trophy building and the racquetball building on the Graceland tour, which, if you think about it, we just kinda shoe-horned the entire story of Elvis-the-entertainer into what was a rec room and a racquetball court. We’re going to do all of that justice, the gold records, the jumpsuits, the guitars, the awards, all the things related to his amazing, iconic career.”

The new complex will include seven retail spaces totaling 30,047 square feet, at least two restaurants totaling 15,016 square feet, and an orientation/ticket building of 12,428 square feet.

A writer on posed an interesting question: “What will become of the newly cleared spaces in the trophy and racquetball buildings? Will EPE seek to restore those rooms to appear exactly as they were when Elvis was alive, and then will visitors have to pay more to see both the mansion and the memorabilia?” You can be sure the answer to that question is Yes.

The Land Use Control Board gave its unanimous endorsement to the project on Thursday, October 8.  Now all it takes is vote by the Memphis City Council to approve. Looks like Graceland West (or whatever the choose to call it) is going to happen.



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Introducing: BIG E and the SANTA MAN


Hey!  You’re an Elvis fan, right?


Big E and the Santa Man Final Cover


You are reading this blog post because you’re an Elvis fan.   And what happens to most Elvis fans every Christmas?  Don’t  your family or friends search around for some Elvis thing to give you?   Now you can make it easy for them. Tell them you want BIG E and the SANTA MAN.


Of course, I’m prejudiced because I wrote it, but I believe this is the:

Perfect Christmas Gift for Elvis Fans


See what it says on the cover: “A Rock and Roll Christmas Fantasy.” That nails it. Wouldn’t you enjoy a story about Elvis joining up with Santa to thwart an evil plot to ruin Christmas? Wouldn’t you like to read about him teaching three elves to play guitar and forming a kick-butt rock band at the North Pole? Wouldn’t you like to find out all the stuff he and Santa do with this flying jet-powered sled?

Big E and the Santa Man in Jet Sled


Between now and Christmas, I will do very low-tech marketing on BIG E and the SANTA MAN. No Amazon, no e-book on Kindle. I’ll have that in place for next year. This year it is very simple. Send a check for $10 to me, and I will send you a copy of the book (autographed, if you wish). Who needs PayPal or credit cards for a little $10 purchase?

This is a special introductory low price.  At some point I will have to raise it to reflect actual printing and mailing costs.  But right now, it’s a real bargain, especially for a book you will enjoy so much.


Santa Reading Big E and the Santa Man with lines


Santa loves it and you will, too. Tell somebody this is what you want for Christmas, and tell them to send a check for $10 to:

Phil Arnold
159 Browning Dr.
Greer, SC 29650.

I’ll get the book out to you immediately, and even with slow Media Mail service, you’ll have it within two week or so.  If you have any questions, email me at philarnold@charter,net.

For ElvisBlog readers in Canada, the postage to you is $5 higher and the exchange rate works against you, too.  Sorry, your cost has to be $17. Hopefully, by the 2016 Christmas season, I’ll have something for you folks in the rest of the world.

But, for you readers in the US,  let me say again, this book is the perfect Christmas present for Elvis fans. Get your family or friends to order BIG E and the SANTA MAN for you.


Thank you, thankyouverymuch,

Phil Arnold

Original ElvisBlogmeister

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