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Introducing: BIG E and the SANTA MAN


Hey!  You’re an Elvis fan, right?


Big E and the Santa Man Final Cover


You are reading this blog post because you’re an Elvis fan.   And what happens to most Elvis fans every Christmas?  Don’t  your family or friends search around for some Elvis thing to give you?   Now you can make it easy for them. Tell them you want BIG E and the SANTA MAN.


Of course, I’m prejudiced because I wrote it, but I believe this is the:

Perfect Christmas Gift for Elvis Fans


See what it says on the cover: “A Rock and Roll Christmas Fantasy.” That nails it. Wouldn’t you enjoy a story about Elvis joining up with Santa to thwart an evil plot to ruin Christmas? Wouldn’t you like to read about him teaching three elves to play guitar and forming a kick-butt rock band at the North Pole? Wouldn’t you like to find out all the stuff he and Santa do with this flying jet-powered sled?

Big E and the Santa Man in Jet Sled


Between now and Christmas, I will do very low-tech marketing on BIG E and the SANTA MAN. No Amazon, no e-book on Kindle. I’ll have that in place for next year. This year it is very simple. Send a check for $10 to me, and I will send you a copy of the book (autographed, if you wish). Who needs PayPal or credit cards for a little $10 purchase?

This is a special introductory low price.  At some point I will have to raise it to reflect actual printing and mailing costs.  But right now, it’s a real bargain, especially for a book you will enjoy so much.


Santa Reading Big E and the Santa Man with lines


Santa loves it and you will, too. Tell somebody this is what you want for Christmas, and tell them to send a check for $10 to:

Phil Arnold
159 Browning Dr.
Greer, SC 29650.

I’ll get the book out to you immediately, and even with slow Media Mail service, you’ll have it within two week or so.  If you have any questions, email me at philarnold@charter,net.

For ElvisBlog readers in Canada, the postage to you is $5 higher and the exchange rate works against you, too.  Sorry, your cost has to be $17. Hopefully, by the 2016 Christmas season, I’ll have something for you folks in the rest of the world.

But, for you readers in the US,  let me say again, this book is the perfect Christmas present for Elvis fans. Get your family or friends to order BIG E and the SANTA MAN for you.


Thank you, thankyouverymuch,

Phil Arnold

Original ElvisBlogmeister

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