Taking a Knee — Elvis Style

The news has been filled for a week about folks taking a knee in protest.  Frankly, I’m getting tired of all the commentary, both pro and against.  So, here is a pictorial essay of Elvis taking a knee, with no commentary at all.



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11 responses to “Taking a Knee — Elvis Style

  1. Hey Pam…….great photos!

  2. Margaretha Rydberg

    Ha-ha, I like what you’re saying and also your sense of humor!

  3. Diana from Long Island, New York

    Oooooo, thank you so much for this excellent compilation of just pictures, no comments were even necessary, Phil. Every photo speaks volumes! God bless Elvis for giving us 100% effort and showmanship. God bless the USA.

    • Hi Diana: Thanks for the nice words… and your sentiments about Elvis and the USA. I agree.

      Phil Arnold, Original ElvisBlogmeister

  4. Thanks for the fantastic pictures I loved each and every one of them keep the great things comming thanks again!

  5. Simply the best! Thanks 🙂

  6. Now that’s the kind of kneeling I like to !!!!!

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