Happy 13th Birthday, ElvisBlog

Happy 13th Birthday

For a child, the 13th birthday is a big one – finally becoming a teenager. For ElvisBlog, it means that the first blog devoted to Elvis Presley keeps plugging along. When I started this project in 2005, I really never imagined it would reach 784 posts. How could anyone think of that many different Elvis things to write about?

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So, I intend to keep plugging along and aim for 1,000 posts. Because a new article is posted every weekend, it should take me four years to get there. Stay tuned.


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There is one area of growth I would like to comment on. The box above appears on the upper right corner of the ElvisBlog home page. In a little over two years,  311 readers have signed up to subscribe to the blog, which means it comes directly to them in their email. They can read it there or double click and get the bigger version on-line.

I know some folks check in sporadically and read up on a bunch of posts. That’s fine, but some articles are timely, prompted by something in the news, so subscribing is the way to get them right as they happen.

Whether you subscribe or visit ElvisBlog when the fancy strikes you, I appreciate your interest. Thank you.

Did you notice the 2,440 comments in the Dashboard box above? The real number is about half that, because my responses are included in the count. I try to answer every comment that comes in, even those about a six or seven year old post. The writers obviously found ElvisBlog through a Google search, and typically the message is something like, “I found a signed Elvis scarf in my dead aunt’s cedar chest. What’s it worth?” So, I advise a couple of places that might provide an answer. And, about one time in twenty will the person send back a thank you.

I’m thinking I might start screening these requests. If they don’t say something nice about ElvisBlog first before asking me to spend my time helping them, maybe they won’t get an answer.

Of course, a lot of comments are interesting and informative. For example, they keep coming in about those photos I posted that I had never seen before. So why not follow-up with another article to share all the tags, explanations and alt pictures you readers have sent in during the past week.  Scroll down to the next post.


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8 responses to “Happy 13th Birthday, ElvisBlog

  1. Happy 13th! I am enjoying the blog very much. I only found it a few months ago and look forward to it each week! Thank you so much for all the dedication and work you put into it!

    • Hi Kim: Thank you for your kind words. You are right that it takes a lot of time and work to come up with weekly posts, but comments like yours keep me going.

      Phil Arnold

  2. Congratulations! I have loved reading your blog since I met you at the Peabody Hotel in 2007. I had been reading your articles for several years in the magazine. I hope you will be able to visit again, and know many people in Tupelo, MS who you would enjoy talking to, and bet you would find many more blogs to write! I submitted ” News From Memphis” , and shared a Tupelo Cover Story. I was thrilled beyond belief and by then knew most of the inner circle. Darwin Lamm was the only one who gave me my first chance at Music Sales and Promotion, so I was always working a part time second job. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Carol: It’s always good to hear from you. I didn’t know about chance at Music sales and Darwin Lamm. Hope to see you soon.


  3. Happy, Happy 13th Birthday!! I look forward to the next 13 Birthdays! Thank-You very much for keeping Elvis’ memory alive!!!

    • Hi Tracy: You are very generous with your praise. I know I won’t be doing ElvisBlog for 13 more years, but it will keep going for a good while.


  4. Happy 13th Anniversary. I love your blog, hope you hang in there and continue. I have learned lots!

    • Hi Pat: Thank you for your kind words about ElvisBlog. By now, you know one of the free BIG E and the SANTA MAN books is coming your way.

      Phil Arnold

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