Update on BIG E Sales

My Book -- BIG E and the SANTA MAN

In just over 24 hours since I made the last post, I’m already thrilled with the results. Email orders for 19 copies of BIG E and the SANTA MAN have come in.  Four people, including one in Canada and another in France,  wanted copies of both books.

I did have to check to see if they were OK with the additional postage for destinations outside the U.S.  Fortunately, this did not kill the orders.

I feel pretty stupid not mentioning the foreign country postage differentials in the original post.  My next project will be to go back and revise it with a $5 adder to Canada and $15 to Europe.

I hope the sales through Amazon are going equally well.  I won’t know until they send my end of the month report.

I heard from a reader on Comments.   She reminded me that I didn’t describe in a nutshell what the book was about and guessed that it was fiction.  It was a reminder to me that new readers have come to ElvisBlog in the past year who haven’t seen all the previous posts promoting the book.  I’ll bring them up to speed next post.

Thanks to everyone who is buying BIG E and the SANTA MAN.  I really appreciate the support.

Santa Thumbs UP

Phil Arnold

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