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Graceland Vocabulary Now Includes After-Party


Elvis Week 2019 Schedule of Events

I’ve been studying the schedule of events for Elvis Week 2019. It will be a nine-day affair, covering two weekends – Friday, August 9 through Saturday, August 17.

Now, you can imagine that most folks thinking about going to Elvis Week would prefer being there that last weekend. There’s some very good events scheduled… and it’s special to be there around Graceland on the 16th , even if you don’t do the candlelight vigil.


So, how does EPE plan to attract folks to come on those real early dates — that first weekend. I think they have come up with a great idea.


And I had planned to tell you all about it, but I’m stuck until Graceland posts the ticket prices.

So far, it looks good for the fans, but if the prices are crazy high, maybe it won’t seem so great.


Here’s one more tease to hold you until we get those Elvis Week prices and I can finish this post.

Ultimate Elvis Week After-Party


They are throwing an After-Party at Elvis Presley’s Memphis on the first three nights of Elvis Week 2019. There will be cash bars and food stations along the streets. There will be a stage set up outside in front of Vernon’s Smokehouse, and according to the press release, “many of your favorite Elvis tribute artists will be jamming.”

Sounds like some pretty good parties, doesn’t it?

To be continued…



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