Some Elvis Pictures I’ve Never Seen Before – Part 11

I haven’t done this in three months, and my files are full of stuff to show you.

Elvis Performing on a Flat-bed Truck

This is obviously from the very early days. Elvis and the guys are performing on a flat-bed truck. I especially like the picnic table right in front. Elvis definitely paid his dues. Can anybody identify this show?


Elvis and the Teen Town Singers

I can’t say that I ever heard of the Teen Town Singers. But how could they miss with those cool hats?


Elvis and 7 Chicks

Here’s some nice artwork. I think it’s a Italian poster for an Elvis movie. Let’s see, there’s Elvis and seven girls in bikinis. Could it be Clambake or Spinout? No, Bagnino means lifeguard in Italian, so the movie had to be Fun in Acapulco.


Elvis on location in Florida with co-star Anne Helm from Follow That Dream.

This is Elvis with Anne Helm, his costar in Follow That Dream. You’ve probably read the same stuff I have that says there was some serious kissing between these two off screen.


Well It's 1 for the Money

Well It's 1 for the Money - Copy

This is clever.


Speaking of Blue Suede Shoes, how do you like this picture?

Elvis Presley Autographed Facsimile Signed Blue Suede Shoes Poster 24 x36

This is a 24 x36 poster with a wonderful shot of Elvis. That is a fabricated signature at the bottom.


Elvis Taking A Break - Flaming Star

Here is Elvis taking a break from filming Flaming Star. He’s got the Indian make-up on his face and neck, but the rest of his body looks pretty white.


Elvis with Fans in Las vegas

This is Elvis with fans in Las Vegas. How do you like that coat? How do you like that hairdo?


Elvis Disco

The Elvis Disco was alive and well in 2018.

All Visual – All Night – Elvis Presley – Done Right…. OK!!


1960-04-20 train to California - Elvis with Joe, Charlie and Sonny

This was taken on April 4, 1960 during a train ride to California. With Elvis are Joe, Charlie, and Sonny. Don’t they all look young?


Elvis Presley and Scotty Moore between shows in the UD Fieldhouse in Dayton - May 27, 1956.

If you’ve been reading ElvisBlog for a while, you know I’m a big fan of Scotty Moore. This is a nice candid shot of Elvis and Scotty working on a song backstage before a performance at the UD Fieldhouse in Dayton on May 27, 1956.


Elvis Performing on May 27, 1956

Here is another photo from that show. But check out this.

Scotty Moore and Elvis Floating in Space

I love this version for the way Scotty and Elvis are lifted off the background, and they just seem to be hovering in space while Scotty is playing guitar and Elvis is dancing. I think this is the best picture there is of the two of them together.


Elvis and Bobby Dick

The small print in parentheses says, “Bobby’s the short one.” He’s also the one with the worst last name. The kids back in high school must have given him a lot of grief about that.


Elvis Presley and Carolyn Jones . She holds a cup of tea.

It looks like Carolyn Jones was drinking a cup of tea when Elvis moved in on her. Do you think she spilled any? If that had been you Elvis was smooching, could you have kept from spilling the tea?


Elvis is the air - Blue hawaii

So what do you think? Is this Photoshopped or could Elvis actually jump that high?


May 26, 1955 - Elvis Presley with Jimmie Rodgers Snow on Elvis´ pink Cadillac Fleetwood in Meridian, Mississippi - Jimmie Rodgers Festival parade....

The website where I found this shot had this tagline:

May 26, 1955 – Elvis Presley with Jimmie Rodgers Snow on Elvis´ pink Cadillac Fleetwood in Meridian, Mississippi – Jimmie Rodgers Festival parade.

Jimmy Rodgers Snow was Hank Snow’s son. Elvis said he bought this pink Caddy for his mom, but she didn’t drive, so he obviously had other motivations. This looks like a pretty good use for the car to me.


A screaming crowd of teenage girls are restrained by police outside an Elvis concert in 1956.

The tagline for this photo said: “A screaming crowd of teenage girls are restrained by police outside an Elvis concert in 1956.” I wish there had been more information. It is a legit photo because you can see one girl holding up a picture of Elvis and a couple of folks are wearing those Elvis hats the Colonel sold at every concert. Can anybody identify where it occurred?

The photo certainly paints a graphic picture of the impact Elvis had with teenagers early in his career. Pretty impressive.



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14 responses to “Some Elvis Pictures I’ve Never Seen Before – Part 11

  1. love all these pictures

  2. “In Memphis, the African American centered WDIA radio station sponsored a rotating musical group of high school students called the Teen Town Singers; notable alumni include Anita Louis and Isaac Hayes.” Also, Carla Thomas, Rufus’ daughter, was in it.

    I love the pic with Anne Helm, they look so cozy and intimate, she’s sitting in his chair and they look like they can’t take their eyes off each other. Lucky girl! As for Carolyn Jones, who cares about spilling the tea? If it was me he was snuggling like that I would have dropped the cup altogether.

    • Hi Katgirlblue. Not many comments make me laugh, but your last line did. Thanks for the background info on the Teen Town Singers.


  3. Sandy Van Horn

    Hi Phil,
    At this site:
    the caption on the picture of the crowd being held back by the police is:
    Stage Door Glimpse of Elvis Starts Riot – Aug. 3, 1956 Miami
    News Photo by Charles Trainor
    Also: “The Miami Daily News reported, After the first Olympia Theater appearance of the shouting shake-dancer, known to teenagers as “The Pelvis,” a crowd estimated at 2,000 became hysterical, tried to break a police line in rush for the SE 2nd Avenue stage entrance when Presley was seen briefly at an upstairs fire escape door. Police, losing to waving fans later regained ground in a big push back to the sidewalk line at the barber pole (top right in photo). The street was blocked off. What’s all the fuss about? Fans wanted just a signature or sign from the vaudeville Valentino.”
    Always enjoy reading your blogs and all the great pictures you post!

    • Hi Sandy. Thank you so much for all this information. I really hoped somebody would know. The Miami Daily News called Elvis a shouting snake-dancer and a vaudeville Valentino. That’s just bad. Stupid

      Thanks for the compliment on the blog.


  4. Jeane Blankenship

    The first photo (with picnic table) was taken August 24,1955 at Tiger Stadium in Conroe, Texas. They were set up on two flat bed trucks (side by side). Upon introduction, Elvis bolted upon the picnic table to jump up on the truck & it flipped, and he landed on the bed of the truck face down. Where his lay motionless for a minute then jumped up & ran to the mic. Had a huge visible knot on his forehead. Johnny Horton was the headliner.

    • Thank you, Jean. That was a lot of information. I had no idea there would be such an interesting story behind that photo.

      Phil Arnold

  5. The italian title of Clambake is “Milliardiaro ma bagnino” , yes its the italian poster of this movie , and as you can see no ursula on sight among the girls.

    Congratulations for your blog, keep rocking

    • Hi CC. This is interesting. Elvis was a water-ski instructor, not a life guard, in Clambake. What’s the Italian word/phrase for water-ski instructor?

      Thanks for the compliment.


  6. Thanks heaps, great photos.

  7. Hello Phil: Regarding the photo of the pink Cadillac, I believe that was the first pink and white Cadillac (1954 model) that Elvis bought and is the one that burned up around Hope, Arkansas a month or so after that photo was taken. The pink Cadillac Fleetwood (the one he bought for Gladys) was purchased later and is not the same car. Regarding the first photo with Elvis on the truck, if we could read the license plate on the truck trailer that would help with where that possibly happened (identify which state). It’s too blurry to read though. I love when you post these because it’s fun to study the photos and try to figure things out.

    • Hi Gerard. Always good to hear from you. Thanks for the catch on the pink Caddy. I forgot about the one burning up. On the flatbed truck picture, another reader has a long comment explaining everything.

      Thanks for the compliment. Phil

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