Graceland Introduces Elvis Unplugged

It’s hard to believe that Elvis Week starts next Friday. Festivities kick off on August 9 and continue until Sunday, August 18. That’s a long 10-day week, and I’m always interested to see what EPE comes up with to lure fans to come to that early first weekend.


The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest semis and finals in the Graceland Soundstage now seem to be a permanent early fixture of Elvis Week. And last year, Graceland made them even better with the addition of After-Parties on the streets of Elvis Presley’s Memphis.

So, this year, the challenge apparently was to schedule something new and appealing during those afternoons. I think they have come up with a winner… ELVIS UNPLUGGED. I saw a long-haired hippy-looking guy named Julio at Elvis Week 2002 do this, and it was a nice change from the full band treatment.


2002 was the 25th anniversary of Elvis’ death, so Graceland planned some big-time stuff for the celebration. Including an incredible concert experience in the Pyramid.


The first Elvis in Concert was amazing and a fitting end to the week. I have no idea what they had at the beginning because I came for all the late stuff.

But now EPE has made it worthwhile for the fans to come earlier, which brings us back to:



In 2002, Graceland had little use for Elvis Impersonators. This year, there is hardly a day that doesn’t have one or two events starring ETA’s. And Graceland presents only the best of them during Elvis Week.

Here is the list of winners of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest.

2007 Shaun Klush
2008 Brandon Bennett
2009 Bill Cherry
2010 Justin Shandor
2011 Cody Ray Slaughter
2012 Ben Portsmouth
2013 Dean Z
2014 Jay Dupuis
2015 David Lee
2016 Dwight Icenhower
2017 Gordon Hendricks
2018 Ben Thompson

The names in bold are the six champions who will participate in the Elvis Unplugged shows this year. Both nights will be hosted by Dean Z, who has been called “the best entertainer in our business,” by Jeff Lewis, originator of the After-Parties and a man who has seen them all.

Dean Z in Jailhouse Rock Prison Uniform


Dean Z working out on stage


Dean Z will be joined on Saturday night by Jay Dupuis and Shawn Klush.

Four shots of Jay Dupuis as Elvis


Shawn Klush off stage

I have written about Shawn Klush a few times in ElvisBlog. I saw his act at Elvis Week 2002 in the funky New Daisy Theater. It was the last event of a long day and it was called the Elvis Midnight Blues Jam. It is where I saw that fellow Julio do the Elvis unplugged act I mentioned earlier. I don’t know where his career went, but Shawn Klush certainly moved on to better things. Five years later he was crowned the first Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist winner, and his career has been on a roll ever since.

For the Sunday night Elvis Unplugged concert there will be four Ultimate ETAs on stage. Dean Z will be joined by Ben Thompson, Cody Ray Slaughter and Dwight Icenhower.

Dwight Icenhower


Cody ray Slaughter also has his own show on the first night, Friday August 9. He will be backed by the David Fontana Band.


David Fontana is DJ’s son, and of course, that’s him on the drums.


Ben Thompson


Here is Ben Thompson on stage with Jeff Lewis (right), the MC of the After-Parties. Jeff expressed this sentiment about the After-Parties being moved to the Graceland Exhibition Center this year, “Thank God we’ll have air conditioning!” Other benefits may be a lot more table seating for the party-goers, and a better dance floor surface. It sounds like it will be a wonderful night-club set-up to me.

The Elvis Unplugged shows will also have air conditioned comfort inside the Guest House Theater. This seems the perfect small venue for a show billed as:

Live Elvis music and personal stories. An intimate acoustic experience among friends sharing music, laughter and fun.


The price of these unplugged concerts is just $25, which seems a bargain for Elvis Tribute Artists of this caliber. The Saturday, August 10 show sold out early, and the Sunday, August 11 will probably be by the time you read this.

If I could pull it off, I would love to be in Memphis on that Saturday night, and go to the Elvis Unplugged concert at 2:00 at the Guest House Theater, The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist finals at 7:00 at the Graceland Soundstage, and the After-Party at 9:00 in the Exhibition Center. What a nice dream, but for some lucky Elvis fans, it will be a reality.




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6 responses to “Graceland Introduces Elvis Unplugged

  1. I thought the 1st Elvis in Concert with the band and video screens was in 1997 not 2002. I think Lisa sang Don’t Cry Daddy that year as well.

    • Hi catdaddyd: You may be right that Elvis in Concert started in 1997. But the post just said it was offered at Elvis Week in 2002.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Diana from Long Island, New York

    I have been to Memphis many, many times, Augusts and Januarys. The impersonators are meaningless to me. I would rather watch a film of Elvis singing a song I have heard 5000 times than waste my time with a fake. I think it is a shame that Graceland features anything except actual Elvis recordings, film or photos. The way some people react to these impersonators is embarrassing. They are not Elvis, and they do not look like him, nor do they sound like him. They have done a lot of damage to his reputation and legacy over the years. I have seen singers in modern dress and hairdo (as themselves) perform Elvis songs with skill and it is nice to hear a song live that way, that is a tribute to the great man. But the costumes and the hairdos and the moves are for Elvis alone, no fakes for me. Time is too precious to not spend it listening to the real person who was Elvis Presley. And that’s my heartfelt comment.

    • Hi Diana: I understand your feelings about ETAs, and many Elvis fans agree with you. I can’t quite agree that all ETAs don’t look like Elvis and don’t sound like him. The best of them, like the ones at Elvis Week, do a very credible job. I’m fine that fans have differing opinions on ETAs. Thanks for your heartfelt comment.


  3. Leon'a Wils0n-Mann

    Way too much emphases on the eta’s ! I’ve seen the best of the best, and they are good, but they can’t hold a candle to the real ”McCoy”. I’m worried that the third generation fans onward aren’t really ‘Elvis Fan’s’ so much as eta fans. I understand the newer kids will never experience the indescribable electricity and love that we original fans were Blessed with seeing ”The One And Only Elvis Presley” live on stage. It was an experience NO eta can ever mimic. They might be able to mimic the look, the jumpsuits, the gyrations, even to an extent, the voice, but Elvis ‘the man’ was sooo much more than all of that put together. !!! When he walked onto a stage, it was magic, you could FEEL the energy and love radiating off him. ! He didn’t need to do more than just stand there for an hour, without opening his mouth, we wouldn’t have cared. When he did start singing, you swore he was singing only to you. It was just Elvis and us, it was just pure love radiating through out the room, it was so intimate. I’m sorry so many fans will never feel that experience, but honestly, the wealth of ‘media’ he left for us to watch and listen to is worth more than all the ‘pretenders’ could ever generate. So yes, Iam worried that the REAL MAN will get lost in the shuffle. And lost to the generations of ‘fans’ who proclaim to love ”THE KING”. Just my own opinion,but there are a lot of us ‘ole timers’ who agree with me.

    • Hi Leon’a: I am one of those ‘ple timers that agree with you. But time has taken its toll on the Elvis friends and musicians that were the mainstays of the earlier Elvis Weeks, and EPE has to offer something during Elvis Week. The tribute artists seem to be their answer. Thanks for the long, heartfelt comment.


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