Eye Candy (6) for Elvis Fans

Six great musical talents. Do you know what’s different about Elvis than the others? He’s the only one who didn’t write music. Didn’t seem to hurt his career any.


Awww. What a cute little guy. His Nana is an avid Elvis fan, and she knitted this jumpsuit for him. He’s even got a TCB medallion necklace on. Good job, Nana.


This is how much Elvis earned for a week at Crown Electric back in 1954 — basically a dollar per hour. With inflation, that equates to $9.50/hour in today’s money.

Look how the signature on the check has been crossed out and another written in. Would banks honor a check like that today?


Clever, but impossible. Wouldn’t you hate to shake one and mess up all that work if it was real..


I think Dick Williams went off the deep end here. Elvis’ Frantic Sex Show. Give me a break. Please check out this ElvisBlog post from 2008 about the entire column. You won’t believe some of the stuff Williams said. Fake news back in 1957.


Viva Elvis is long gone, but I’ve got a file full of unique images from the Cirque de Soleil show.


Have you ever seen ELVIS JUICE for sale anywhere? Here’s what the website says about it:

Primed with tart pithy grapefruit peel for a citrus assault on the senses. This zest zenith delivers intense US hop aromas. Gigantic grapefruit notes are tail-gated by orange and pine. All piled high on a caramel malt base.

I think I’ll pass.


How about a cute Elvis piggy bank? With an American Eagle Jumpsuit design.

Here’s another cutie. He’s got better shades than the other.


I think I used this before, but it still makes me laugh.


That’s some serious artwork. Wonder what gave the artist the idea.


This comes from a Hard Rock Café in Nagoya, Japan. I like the hound dog between Elvis’ legs.


Believe it or not, there is a website where.people post photos of little scenes they have created using Peeps. Peep Elvis is about to sing for the fans.


I like it better when folks Photoshop Elvis into pictures like this. No attempt to fool people.


That sure seems like something Elvis would have said. And it works very well with the image. Would you like to come up with something else Elvis-like that would work?

What would you put in the box?


I’ve got several of these Elvis/elves cartoons and they are all about as bad as this.


This is a scene from The Golden Girls, season 4, episode 7, when Sophia got married.  A group of Elvis impersonators provide the music at the ceremony.  The guy highlighted  in the back is Quentin Tarantino making a spirited cameo.


Elvis hound dog plush toys have been around for decades. This newer one is funny to me. Love the eyes. Too bad the labeling doesn’t show because you really can’t tell it’s an Elvis hound dog.


Nicely done. I don’t get the message, but I love the image.


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