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As you may know, the experience of writing for Elvis International led me to start this blog back in 2005. I had accumulated so much reference material that sharing little bits of it each week on a blog post seemed like a natural progression.

Elvis International editor, Darwin Lamm, used almost 40 of my articles over a twelve year span. During that time, I not only got multiple copies of all the issues in which my work appeared, but also almost all of the prior issues.

I can’t take this stack of magazines with me when I downsize, but I also don’t want to take them to the recycle bin. They deserve to be in the hands of loyal Elvis fans, so here are great deals on five groups of them. All prices are delivered, no sales tax, no shipping costs (I cover the $7-8 postage).


The Legacy Issues:    $25 

Note:  This group has been sold.

This is a group of 13 issues from 1988 to 1992. Note that this includes the very rare premier issue, top left. There is a copy of it for sale on Amazon at $29. Included in the dozen+ articles in each issue were regular features by two close Elvis friends, Eddie Fadal and Joe Esposito. Others close to Elvis, like DJ Fontana and Carl Perkins, contributed strong articles.


Photographs Become More Prominent:    $22

Fourteen issues from 1992 to 1997. Although the earliest issues had some photographs, they were mostly small and black-and-white. As Elvis International moved into its sixth year and beyond, photographs became a more important feature. The number increased, full-page pictures appeared, more and more color shots were included, and the first of many Al Wertheimer photographs were given full-page treatment.


The Birthday and Anniversary Issues Come into Being     $25

Note:  This group has been sold.

Fifteen Issues from 1997 to 2002. Elvis International was by now the class of Elvis magazines. More and bigger color photos, many full-page, including the first two-page centerfolds. The concept of celebrating Elvis birthdays and anniversaries with special editions in January and August began with this group. The quality of the writing got better, too, as I became a regular contributor in the last seven issues.

The Change to Two Issues Per Year     $20

In 2004, Elvis International went from four issues a year to two. In addition to strong subscriber sales, the magazine was also now heavily marketed at the Elvis Birthday Celebration and Elvis Week. With more articles, great color photos, and covers of slick, heavy stock, these magazines were intended to be souvenirs the fans took home after their visits to Graceland. A sign of things to come, the 30th Anniversary issue was so thick it could not be stapled, so it was produced with a flat spine. I had time to write multiple articles in these issues, with four being my all-time record.


The Big Finale – The Last Four Years     $35

Note:  This group has been sold.

Elvis International had by now morphed into true collectors items for folks who made the trek to Memphis to celebrate Elvis. There were more pages and they were a heavier stock. The size was much larger than the earlier editions, and every issue had a flat spine. The covers were glossy, very heavy stock, and many were embossed. The array of full-page color photographs was stunning, and most issues had centerfolds.

These eleven copies offered here are absolutely first class in every way.


If you want one or more of these Elvis International packages, let me know by email at . Please don’t put it in Comments. Do indicate if you want a PayPal invoice, and I’ll get one right out. If you’d rather pay by check, I’ll hold your magazines for you until it arrives.

Speaking of sending checks, here’s a reminder. If you wish to keep reading ElvisBlog after it goes static online in a few weeks, please send a check for $10 to

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Do that and you will be getting 100 ElvisBlog posts sent by me direct to your email.

I keep finding more Elvis stuff that you fans might possibly like to own, so I need to do a few more posts to put them all out there. These will be balanced by an equal number of regular posts. When that’s all done, ElvisBlog as you have known it online will come to an end.

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