Some Elvis Pictures I Have Seen Before…. And Forgot About


You long-term ElvisBlog readers will remember I used to do Elvis Caption Contests.  There were 26 of them, the last on April 15, 2018.  I’m not really sure why I never did more after that, because there’s still lots of unused photos in the Caption Contest file.

I recently looked in that file and said to myself, I should use the pictures while I can.  So, let’s take a look at them.


This looks like Elvis incorporating accordion playing and card tricks into his act.


I think this is a shot from Roustabout.  I can’t remember; did he steal the girls’ towels?


Does anybody know what’s going on here?


Look closely.  Elvis is singing into four mics.


I’m afraid this is another Photoshop job, but it had great potential for a clever caption.


Michelle Carey, my favorite Elvis co-star.  See the board between them in bed. I really liked the scene in the movie when Elvis throws that board away.  Followed by the big letdown when we didn’t get to see what went on with those two after that.


That’s a big bullet you’ve got there Elvis.


Big sunglasses, too.  But what’s Elvis doing?  Pulling open his shirt to show off his chest hair?


All my photos get filed with a name.  This one is labelled, “Big Ones.”


This stupid shot is from “Follow That Dream.”  I believe that’s Red West on the right with a gun aimed at the group.  Elvis played this slapstick scene very well, and later in the movie, he absolutely nailed the dramatic role in the court house.  One of his best.


Don’t you love Elvis’ eyes in this?   He had a bunch of good facial expressions in the movies.


This is from that bizarre dream sequence in “Live A Little, Love A Little.”  I do like Michelle Cary, but the dancing dog was just stupid.


Here’s the real one in the movie.  This just begs for a good caption.


Elvis, you lucky guy.  I don’t remember why I thought this had potential for a good caption.


I titled this one, ‘Elvis explains his eyeliner techniques,” but I have no idea what’s going on.


This looks like it might have been taken in Hawaii.  Does anybody know who that guy is?


Here’s Priscilla working to protect Elvis’ legacy by promoting an Elvis slot machine.  Elvis would have been so proud. I played a different Elvis slot while in Las Vegas on vacation 25 years ago, and I didn’t do very good.


The name at the bottom left shows this is a Photoshop job, but I don’t care.  Elvis looks so happy behind the bar.


This isn’t Photoshopped, but I wish it was.  That would be better than having this in an actual Elvis movie.  Still, I thought the photo might inspire a sharp caption.


This is filed as, “Vacuum Attack by a Crazy Maid.”     I have a lot of Michelle Carey pictures in this file, don’t I?


This happened in December, 2005. At least when it was repaired, it gave the fans some clear space to write on.


Elvis is wearing black pants because he wore the gold off the knees of the original suit pants doing this kind of stuff.


I wish I had used this one in a caption contest and seen what good ones you could come up with.



This is so strange.  It probably defies coming up with a good caption.


Remember that shower scene from Roustabout?  I think this motorcycle shot came from there, too.   For some reason they are black and white, but the movie was in color.


I think I came up with a pretty good caption for this.  “Hey Red, are you sure this is the right venue for the show?”



Yes, it’s Michelle Carey again.  I thought up a caption for this picture, too. “Hey, buddie, watch out with that thumb.”

I’ve got a huge file of thumb pictures like this. Elvis got pretty friendly with his thumbs.  Maybe I’ll do a post with all these pictures.



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