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More Elvis Collectibles That Need Good Homes

We’ll start with three different Elvis stamp sets for you to consider. Last week, the “Elvis” stamp package sold super quick, but did you know there is a much rarer “Elvis Presley” stamp?

The Elvis Presley Stamp:


It was issued only as part of the Legends of Rock n’ Roll series.

The picture on the left is the flyer that was in Post Offices promoting these special Legends of Rock ‘n Roll stamps. Sorry my photo is so bad. Next are 10 of the stamps. And then, six complete strips of eight stamps, with two Elvis Presley stamps, first and last of each strip.

Here are the other six singers featured on the strips of Rock n’ Roll legends. I’m not sure why Dinah Washington was picked. Why not Little Richard, Fats Domino, or Chuck Berry?

Compared to the millions of “Elvis” stamps, only a tiny quantity of the “Elvis Presley” stamp was issued, making them more valuable as a collectable. Plus there is $16.82 worth of usable stamps in this set.

A bargain at $23.


The Third Elvis Stamp:

Back in 2015, the USPS decided to go for a third Elvis stamp. Unlike the 1993 Elvis stamp, the image is a photograph, not a drawing, and it is in black and white not color.

The shot they chose for the new stamp was taken by professional Memphis photographer William Speer in March 1955.

During that period, local DJ and concert promoter Bob Neal acted as Elvis’ manager. Neal decided Elvis needed some publicity stills to help launch his budding career, so he sent him over to William Speer’s studio.

The Postal Service got clever again with this Elvis Stamp. They made a sheet of 16 peel-off Elvis stamps even more attractive by putting this Al Wertheimer photograph on the flip side of the slick backing paper. It looks very much like a picture sleeve for an old 45 record. That image is enhanced on the back side with the stamps by putting what looks like the top of a 45 sticking of the pseudo-picture-sleeve. A very nice touch.

So, I am offering two of these 16-stamp sets. The stamps cost 49¢ in 2015, but they are Forever Stamps and are now worth 55¢. That’s $19.60 worth of stamps, and who knows what that will be after a few more Postal Service rate hikes. So, you can get a great Elvis collectible that will also increase in value.

$15 per set
$25 for both sets.


Foreign Stamps:

Note:  This item has been sold.


These stamps look much better than my photograph shows. Top left is a nine-stamp block of Elvis stamps issued in Antigua to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his death. They are part of a commemorative display with a large version of the stamp, Elvis’ replicated autograph, and a short biography.

Next is a special envelope and stamp from Guyana. Printed on the envelope is a box showing the date of issue, Elvis’ 61st birthday. The stamp is embossed silver foil and is postmarked Jan 8 1996.

On the right are twenty stamps, two each from Grenada, Gambia, Bequia, Liberia, Maldives, Martinique, Antigua, St. Vincent, and four from Guyana.

Just $15 for all.



Next, here are some magazines and special newspapers.


Midnight Globe:

Note:  This item has been sold.


There are five Midnight Globes from 1977 and three from 1978. Several are about Elvis secrets and psychic readings about him. I suppose the cover photo of Dee Stanley Presley was the highlight of her efforts to benefit from her connection to Elvis. Interesting pictures of young John Travolta, Sam Elliott, and Priscilla.

All eight for $15.


National Enquirer:

These four National Enquirers are all from 1977, and the one with the sad face actually was published in April before Elvis’ death.

$10 for all.


Five-Magazine Special:


The LIFE magazine is from June 1980. It contains six full-pages of photos and commentary by author Albert Goldman. The magazine has seen some wear.


ELVIS The King is in very good shape. It was published in 1977 after his death and contains 100 pages (no ads). There are six articles, but probably 80% of the magazine is photographs. There were quite a few of them that I have never seen on the web, which is surprising because I have spent about a million hours on there looking at Elvis photos.

This 1981 Rolling Stone magazine above has a five-page article by Albert Goodman, excerpted from his book “Elvis.” It also has one photo that was new to me.

This 1987 Rolling Stone magazine also has five Elvis pages. The cover says, “Rare Elvis Photos, and that may have been true of all of them when it was published. As I see them now in 2020, there are still two that I don’t remember seeing anywhere else.

Both of the Rolling Stone magazines are in fine shape.

40 Years of Rock & Roll was published in 1992. Elvis get plenty of attention, but the pictures and articles about all those singers and groups on the cover (and many more) are really good, too. There are 118 pages, and the magazine is in excellent shape.

Five rare magazines for just $20.


August 17, 1977 Elvis Hometown Newspapers from the Day After His Death:


This is the hometown Tupelo newspaper. I’ve seen the Memphis papers for August 17, 1977, for sale several times, but the one from Tupelo is much rarer. Naturally, I looked it up on the internet to see what kind of prices it was going for. The only price I could find was this:

That seems kind of crazy, but it did confirm how rare this item is.

The Tupelo Daily Journal did something strange with their coverage of Elvis’ death. They devoted the majority of space on the front page and page on 15 to it. So, this special section is actually numbered pages 1, 14, 2, and 15. It is in generally good condition except for one tiny torn out piece.

I’m probably selling this way too cheap, but it can be yours for $40.


Note:  This item has been sold.

This is the Memphis morning newspaper. I don’t know how they put together such an impressive 12-page special edition about Elvis in such short time. There are two editorials and even an editorial cartoon. I guess cartoon is the wrong name because the picture was properly somber. There are tons of pictures, including 14 in color.



Note:  This item has been sold.

This was Memphis’ afternoon paper in 1977, so they had time to get lots of photos and expressions of love from fans who had gathered at Graceland.. This tribute to Elvis was also 12 pages crammed full of stories and pictures, and no ads. There were two editorials, one local and one nationally syndicated. It has an article you may have not known about – a car crashed into mourners and killed two people.

This copy is in very good shape.

A lot of good stuff for $20.


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