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More Elvis Stuff That Needs A Good Home

For fifteen years I have been diligent about putting up a post every weekend. Now that things are nearing the end, I guess I’m stretching it out. I’m having some anxiety about not doing this anymore.

Anyway, there will be three last posts. Next will be a regular post – Elvis… The Movie Kisses: Part 2. And then I’ll post some kind of parting thoughts. I have a solid reference for this because my friend Alan Hanson wrote a great good bye when he shut down his Elvis History Blog in December.

For now, here are some new items to consider. I’ll write a little about each one, to make it interesting even if you’re not buying.

Four Elvis Calendars

Top left is s still-sealed 2003 Calendar. It has ten shots from his movies and two from the Army days.

Top right is a still-sealed 2002 calendar. It has 16 color photos of Elvis in the movies, the ’68 Special, movie promo pictures, and one from an early photo session.

The TV Guide calendar for 2009 is interesting. There are reproductions of 16 TV Guides with Elvis on the cover.

And last, we have a 16 month 2007 calendar with all Al Wertheimer photos. They used two or three that I never saw before.

$15 for all four


8-Packs of Elvis International Magazines


Note:  All five groups of Elvis International magazines are sold.

Each pack contains a mixed selection of issues fro the early 90s to 2009.



$15 for each group of 8 magazines.


Six Bootleg Concert CDs

Note:  This set has been sold.


This selection includes:

Opening Night Las Vegas International Hotel, 1969
Pearl Harbor Show 1961
Louisiana Hayride, Frank Sinatra Show 1960
Little Rock Concert, May 16, 1956
Live in Las Vegas, August 24, 1969
Tupelo Concert, Sept 26, 1956

In this collection you get to compare Elvis’ early stuff against his Vegas shows. When he first returned to live performances, Elvis’ sang more of his 50’s hits than he did the later concerts.

$15 for all six


18 Full-Page Elvis Pictures

Note:  This set has been sold.


These are all 8-1/2” x 11”. They are big outstanding Elvis pictures saved from Elvis International magazines

$10 for all 18.


Elvis Presley Comic Books

Elvis Shrugged is a satire based on Ayn Rand’s magnum opus “Atlas Shrugged.” You may recognize on the cover Madonna, Michael Jackson, Frank Zappa, Willie Nelson and others. Very rare set.

$15 for all three.


The Elvis Presley Experience tells the story of his life in comic book form. There is a bit of sci-fi stuff at the beginning before the real story begins. I have Part 1 about Elvis’ early days up until he signed with Col. Parker.  I don’t have Parts 2-5. Part 6 covers the’68 Special, Las Vegas, the split with Priscilla, and finally his death.  Part 7 is all fiction about a far-out cosmic return to the stage.

$10 for all three.


The Archives of Graceland Official Auction Catalog

Note:  This catalog has been sold.


This auction was held by Guernsey’s Auctioneers in October, 1999 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The book has 284 pages of stuff Elvis owned in his life. There are one, two, or three photos on every page. There is a long paragraph describing each item and recounting Elvis’ history with it. It even includes estimates of the amount everything is expected to bring at auction. You will find it fascinating reading.



Elvis Centerfolds


 I wish my crummy camera would show how sharp and bright these images are. 11” x 17” on heavy-weight, slick paper. Also from Elvis International magazines.

$10 for all four.


Six-pack of CDs

The Legacy of Sun Records has 14 covers of classic Sun songs by Paul McCartney, Elton John, Tom Petty, Eric Clapton, and others. ELVIS 56 contains 22 songs Elvis released in 1956, including B-sides and album cuts. Next is a CD with a cover that looks like an old 45 in a plain sleeve. It has three songs. All The King’s Men has Scotty and D.J. teaming up with the likes of Keith Richards, Cheap Trick, Ronnie McDowell on eleven original songs. Fill Me With Love is a unique CD inside a round metal case. It contains twelve Elvis songs from the early years. ELVIIS 2ND To None is a copy I made of Elvis’ 2004 CD. It contains 29 songs that were hits but did not reach #1.

$10 for all six.


Elvis Impersonator Yard Nome

An ElvisBlog reader told me she owns one of these. This is 13 inches tall and weighs a lot. Postage is going to kill me.



If you want one of these offered items, let me know by email at philarnold@charter.net. Please don’t put it in Comments. Do indicate if you want a PayPal invoice, and I’ll get one right out. If you’d rather pay by check, I’ll hold your selection for you until it arrives.

Thank you so much for your support.