Elvis… The Movie Kisses — Part 2

Before I continue this pictorial essay on Elvis kissing his leading ladies, I’d like to share a slight change in the plan to end ElvisBlog. Last week I mentioned how I am going to miss posting articles on the blog. Stopping cold-turkey looked tough for me to do.

Also last week, when Rod Blagojevitch was all over the news, I reposted an article about him from 2011. Not only was it timely, it also was unique because no other Elvis website had dug deep like I did to get the news and photos of Blago’s life-size statue of Elvis.

That prompted me to find out how many old ElvisBlog posts were special like that and worthy of repeating. I found quite a few.

So, because my blog platform and URL are paid up until the end of the year, I will occasionally repost some of the best of ElvisBlog. This includes posts on Humes High School, Al Wertheimer and several other good topics dating back 8-10 years, so many of you probably missed them the first time.


Now, here’s the rest of my collection of photos of Elvis kissing his leading ladies.

Girl Happy


Mary Ann Mobley

Shelley Fabares


Tickle Me


Jocelyn Lane


Harum Scarum


Fran Jeffres

Mary Ann Mobley


Frankie and Johnny


Donna Douglas


Paradise, Hawaiian Style


Susanna Leigh




Deborah Walley

Diane McBain

Shelley Fabares


Easy Come, Easy Go


Dodie Marshall


Double Trouble


Annette Day




Shelley Fabares


Stay Away Joe


Quentin Dean




Nancy Sinatra


Live A Little, Love A Little


Celeste Yarnall

Michelle Carey




Ina Balin


The Trouble With Girls


Marilyn Mason


Change of Habit


Mary Tyler Moore (This is as close as they got to kissing)


I don’t know that any other Elvis website has done a pictorial on this subject. And I’m glad there are some other unique posts in the ElvisBlog archives for me to share with you throughout the rest of the year.


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