Happy Wiping

I’m curious if any of you readers were so frustrated by empty shelves in the stores that you had to raid your Elvis toilet paper collectibles.




These last two seem to be available for $2.40 per roll at etsy.com

I hope you enjoyed a little fun after a week of dreadful news.




8 responses to “Happy Wiping

  1. funny and clever!

  2. Phil, thanks for a good laugh. You are right! Nothing better than Elvis TP.

  3. Well you made me smile! It has been a long difficult week. To bad this is the one thing I didn’t collect.

    • Hi Carol: I had used the first picture in an ElvisBlog post years ago. I found it while looking for old articles to repost. I plan to dig out some good old ones and give folks like you something to brighten your day. thanks for the comment.


  4. Clementine Moriarty

    Elvis would sure get a ‘kick out of this’! TCB

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