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Elvis Gets Arrested for Playing Guitar in Public

“I woulda been OK if all those girls that gathered around had stayed 6 feet apart.”



Let’s Try This Again.


In the 15-year history of ElvisBlog, I have deleted only two posts due to reader reactions.  The first was when I posted Photoshop pictures showing Osama Bin Laden in an Elvis jumpsuit, and Elvis wearing his blankets and sandals. It was stupid and horrible, and folks let me know.

The second time was just a week-and-a-half ago.  It was another in the series of Covid 19 posts using Elvis photos with humorous (hopefully) tag lines.  This one was inspired by his Memphis Mafia and their protective demeanor around Elvis.

Unfortunately, I did not think out the title or tag line very well, and it was received by some a political.  That was not my intent, so I took it down.  Here  is  the improved version of it.


How Elvis Would Handle Questions at the Virus Task Force Briefing


“I’ll take one more question… OK, let’s see. You in the very back..……… Ah, man, why’d you have to ask a question like that.… Red, go down there and remind this fella he doesn’t want to ask me any more gotcha questions .  Take Sonny with you.”