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A Strange Find On Streaming TV While Stuck At Home

If you are like me, you’ve been checking out some of the free streaming channels the past two months.  One I found is TUBI, and there were a couple of offerings on it that were interesting.  My favorite was an animated sci-fi series named REBOOT that takes place inside a giant computer mainframe. In one episode, I found this:

One-Eyed Elvis Robot

They called it a Binome on the show, but to me it’s a one-eyed Elvis robot.  As bad as that is, the show also had a one-eyed female Elvis robot.

One-Eyed Female Elvis Robot


Yes, this is not very respectful to Elvis, but it reminds me of something I’ve been saying on ElvisBlog for years — Elvis is everywhere.  These screen grabs from a Saturday morning animated sci-fi TV show are another confirmation of it.

For years, ElvisBlog was the top Google search response for Crummy Elvis Shit.  I guess this post will confirm  that ranking, too.

If you’d like to read the whole story about Crummy Elvis Shit, please click here.

Stay healthy,       Phil

What A Bummer – the SpaceX Launch Was Scrubbed

Here’s a similar voyage that might give you a laugh.

Take A Look At My Record, Man


“I wanna get a lot more of these.”

Happy Memorial Day, Elvis

With all the usual fun activities during the Memorial Day weekend, we sometimes forget that it honors the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military.  Here is an eclectic collection of  Memorial Day images and photos of Elvis during his Army days.

Remember Those Who Serve


Elvis in U.S. Army


Elvis in Blue Dress Uniform in Front of Flag


Elvis on Tank



Elvis in a Group of GIs


Elvis Saluting





Elvis in tank




Elvis the Soldier Doing Lip Snarl


Have a happy and Safe Memorial Day


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What Will the 2020 Candlelight Vigil Look Like?

Candlelight Vigil

Three months from now, will Memphis require all the fans to wear masks and stay six feet apart?

I wonder if masks still work when they’re soaked with tears.

We live in a strange time.  Let’s hope the health experts have this Covid 19 thing resolved by August 16.

The Elvis Rainbow Connection

This photo needs some explanation.  It was taken from the deck off our bedroom.  We have a sprinkler sitting on the upper landing that puts out a 60 ft diameter half-circle spray. You can see it in the top center of the picture.  I have high water bills, but we also have a lush panorama of flowers and plants to look at when we sit on the deck (which is often).

As the sprinkler spray rotates back and forth, it leaves a curtain of tiny water droplets, and every spring and fall in the late afternoon, we get a wonderful rainbow. It’s pretty cool to enjoy happy hour with our own private little rainbow.

You will also note there is an Elvis bust on the deck.  A writer buddy of mine gave it to me.  He was moving to Hawaii and didn’t want the hassle of getting it there. It is very heavy.  The pole behind Elvis supports one of our bird feeders.

The angle and placement of the rainbow change as the afternoon sun moves lower in the sky.  And I can get different camera shots by moving around left, right, and standing up.

Yesterday, all of the conditions resulted in this.

So, here’s a rainbow seeming to originate from Elvis’ head. I labelled the picture “The Elvis Rainbow Connection.”  My son suggested “”Elvis may not have had any Irish ancestry, but you can’t argue with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, especially if it came in gold records. Elvis had… records, enough to fill any pot.”  If you have a good tag for the picture, please put it into Comments.

Have a great weekend.     Phil

Little Richard Dead at Age 87 – My Personal Tribute

I was truly saddened to learn of Little Richard’s death due to causes related to bone cancer.  Along with Elvis, Fats, Chuck, and Jerry Lee, he provided the sound track for my high school years.  At one point, I owned more Little Richard 45s than Elvis ones. I even  joined a Little Richard fan club called Rock Bops.

Here is a reprint of an cover article I wrote back in 1997 for a free Greenville, SC entertainment weekly called Creative Loafing.  The text on the cover is enlarged following after the picture, so you don’t need a magnifying glass to read it.


This was a pretty disjointed way to present my old article.  It would have been better to show my original Word document, but after 23 years and four computers, I can’t find it.

By the way, the concert was terrific, and he did play “Heebie Jeebies.”

We will miss you Little Richard.  Say hi to Elvis for us.


Some Elvis Images That Might Look Good on Face Masks

I have many Elvis images that I’ve never been able to use in previous posts, so this is a good way to show them.

This one looks perfect for a mask to ward off a virus.


I like the silhouettes backed by big colorful ELVIS letters


I actually may have used this in an old post, but I love the image, so I’m using it here anyway.


Good image, good message.


This looks like a guitar pick, but it’s actually a cloth patch.


Simple but effective design.


Oh, yes.  Striking powerful image.


This might be a bit of a stretch for an Elvis image, and it never fit any other ElvisBlog post theme, so I’m using it here.


This one is so cool.

And here is my favorite. How about a face mask with an image of Elvis wearing a face mask?

If you have a different favorite, put it in comments.


Face Masks for Elvis Fans


We should have known somebody would come up with Elvis face masks.



This has to be my favorite…. you cover your nose and mouth with an image of Elvis’ nose and puckered up lips.

This one and the other black-and-white masks came from  The color ones come from various websites.  If you are interested in one of them, simply right click over the image and a box pops up. Then click on the option “Search Google for Image.”  That should take you to the vendor.

Folks Head to Reopened Beaches With Gusto

Social distancing…. Not so much.