Some Elvis Images That Might Look Good on Face Masks

I have many Elvis images that I’ve never been able to use in previous posts, so this is a good way to show them.

This one looks perfect for a mask to ward off a virus.


I like the silhouettes backed by big colorful ELVIS letters


I actually may have used this in an old post, but I love the image, so I’m using it here anyway.


Good image, good message.


This looks like a guitar pick, but it’s actually a cloth patch.


Simple but effective design.


Oh, yes.  Striking powerful image.


This might be a bit of a stretch for an Elvis image, and it never fit any other ElvisBlog post theme, so I’m using it here.


This one is so cool.

And here is my favorite. How about a face mask with an image of Elvis wearing a face mask?

If you have a different favorite, put it in comments.


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