Scenes from the Elvis Presley Autonomous Zone










If you would prefer a peaceful autonomous zone with real love and goodwill, you know where to find it.


11 responses to “Scenes from the Elvis Presley Autonomous Zone

  1. Super web!!! Thanks


  3. I worry about this year and interlopers trying to spoil our peace and security that night. Many years of candlelight memories to carry me through if I decide not to go this time..

    • Hi Diana: I share your concerns. Elvis Week could be like a magnet for the troublemakers. I sure hope not.


  4. Sandra J Van Horn

    The last picture of snow in the Meditation Garden was during Elvis’ 75th birthday celebration in 2010. I was there and I can tell you it was very cold! Even the water in the fountain was frozen! Love being there, warm or cold!

    • Hi Sandra. I wanted to use a night time picture of the Meditation Garden, but I should have found one from Elvis Week. I am glad the photo sparked a good memory for you.


  5. Valerie sookochove

    Just what we needed in these troubled times! Thanks Phil

  6. Wonderful

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