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This is the website picture of an item that just sold at the new Rockhurst Auction.  I want to write more on this new source for serious Elvis collectors later, and also about a few auction items that caught my fancy. But, right now I want to take a look at Elvis’ PIG Pin.  It is just ¾ inches in diameter, so the detail looks suprisingly good on the big blown-up below.

Jimmy Velvet, President of the Elvis Presley Museum, has certified, “This Elvis personal Lapel Pin (was) worn by him on many photos.



You might wonder why Elvis would wear a pin showing a pink pig in a policeman’s uniform.  In today’s screwed up world, someone who hates the cops might draw that image as a derogatory slam at the police.

The key to Elvis’ appreciation of this pin is the three words that make the acronym PIG — Pride, Integrity, and Guts.  He loved the police and surely saw those qualities in them.


According to the Rockhurst auction website, “As the term “PIG” became more frequently used to describe police in the 20th century, law enforcement decided to embrace the moniker.”   They were the ones who came up with the three words that make the PIG acronym.

For them, “Pride, Integrity, and Guts” were the attributes associated with the tough and honest men in the police force. You can believe Elvis wore this PIG pin with pride.


I wish more people today thought of the police the same way.


One last note.  You saw in the first image that no one hit the minimum bid of $750, so the pin did not sell. If its owner could find one of those many photos of Elvis wearing the pin mentioned by Jimmy Velvet, they’d be able to ask even more — and probably get it.


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