Benjamin Storm Keough: 1992 – 2020

This blog post is difficult to write. I know all of you readers join me in praying for Lisa to get through these trying times. You have probably already read reports on Elvis websites and mainstream media about the sad circumstances of Elvis’ grandson’ suicide at age 27.  So, I would simply like to remember him in happier times.

All the current news photos of Benjamin Keough show him in his 20s or late teens.  However, there was an ElvisBlog article back in 2009 that featured some photos of young Ben. Here is a partial reproduction of that post.


This photo was posted on ElvisBlog about nine months ago, and it generated more comments than any other article in the four year history of this site.  Some of them discussed whether Ben had any resemblance to Elvis.  However, more folks were concerned about that beer bottle sitting on the table in front of a sixteen-year-old.  Not me.  I know a lot of us drank a beer at that age, and we all turned out okay, right? {Editor’s note.  Maybe I was too accepting of this behavior back then.}


The next three photos are of young Benjamin, first posted on ElvisBlog in December 2007.  Considering his age in the pictures, they were all taken well before 2007, but they sure weren’t in general circulation until then.  Lisa took great care to keep Benjamin out of the public eye when he was little.


This one was supposedly taken at Elvis Week 2004, so Benjamin would have been twelve then.


I have no information about this photo, but the fan forum website where I found it says it is Benjamin, so I am going with that.


This is the earliest photo of Benjamin in this collection.  Cute kid.


Benjamin Keough, you died too young.  Your grandfather died at 42.  That was also too young. When you meet each other in Heaven, I hope you can spend happy times together.


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