Elvis Movie Posters – from Italy

I stumbled upon an Italian website that features the Elvis movie posters used in that country. Of course, the titles were in Italian, and often the poster pictures were nothing like the ones used in America.

Like this one. The picture shows Richard Egan and Deborah Paget as the main actors, with a smaller insert of Elvis. That’s enough to figure out that the movie is Love Me Tender. Back in early 1956, Elvis wasn’t  yet the phenomenon in Italy like he was in the US, so they went with the actors they knew.

However, the Italians changed the title, too. Fratelli Rivaldi translates to Rival Brothers. This isn’t too far off base, because the original title of the movie was The Reno Brothers. Still, you have to wonder why they didn’t use the translation for Love Me Tender, which is Amami Tereramente.


This picture wasn’t even on any lobby cards in America, but it made the main poster in Italy. However, Paese Salvaggio is the direct translation for Wild In The Country.

As a side note, I’ve always wished Elvis ended up with Tuesday Weld in this movie. She’s one of my favorite Elvis co-stars, and she really looks cute in this picture.


You have to study this one for a while to figure out what movie it is. The drawing of Elvis is almost unrecognizable, but Carolyn Jones and Walter Matthau at the bottom gives away that this is King Creole. The Italians must have not liked that title, so they used La Vie Del Male, which translates to The Bad Way. That certainly fits King Creole’s plot.


This is an easy one – if you remember Café Europa was the name of the nightclub where Juliet Prowse performed in G.I. Blues. Maybe the G.I. reference would have confused the Italian movie-goers.


This is some kind of composite picture the Italians put together for Kissin’ Cousins. Look hard and you can see both Elvises on the straw. They also changed the title to Il Monte di Venere, which means Mountain of Love. That’s a pretty good alternative choice because the story took place on Pappy Tatum’s mountain.


This picture gives you a good clue that this movie is Flaming Star. Stella di Fuoco is a direct translation.



Elvis’ white suit, blue shirt, and white tie can be remembered from just one movie – The Trouble with Girls, correctly translated in Italian to Guai Con Le Ragazze.

Another side note: This is the Elvis movie I have seen fewer times than all the rest. One time, and I can’t even remember if I liked it or not.


This is the movie that led me to the Italian website with all these posters. The picture is an interesting composite of clips from the film Jailhouse Rock. But apparently the Italians didn’t like the direct translation of Casa Carere Rock. Instead they used Il Delinquente del Rock ‘n Roll, which is easy to figure out. I guess there are no Italian words for Rock ’n Roll.



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