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A Nice Assortment of Elvis Goodies That Need a New Home

For the first time since February I am posting a sale of Elvis items. There will be more, because I certainly misjudged the amount of Elvis memorabilia I collected over the years. Here’s some you might like.

Keep in mind that the prices are delivered – no shipping costs get added. Also, the price delivered to Canada would be at approximately 50% higher.


License Plate and Metal Sign:

Editor’s note – These items have been sold.

Elvis, TCB, and the lightning bolt. Cool black and gold (sorry, my photo didn’t pick up the gold color very well)


This metal sign is a little bigger than the license plate, and still sealed. It’s been stored with the other plate, so they go as a pair.



Scotty Moore Autographed pictures:

Editor’s note – This item has been sold.


I got to spend a lot of time backstage during two Good Rockin’ Tonight concerts at Elvis Week 2007. It was a wonderful opportunity to get autographs, and I have already sold several issues of Elvis International magazine that had autographs by Scotty, DJ, the TCB guys, and more.

But I was especially interested in getting Scotty Moore’s autographs, so I brought three nice photographs with me for him to sign. The one above was taken on December 5, 2005 when the Rolling Stones invited Scotty Moore backstage before their concert in Memphis. Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood joined Scotty around a cardboard stand-up of Elvis in the gold suit.


This is a colorized photo of Scotty and Elvis on stage. I don’t know if Elvis actually wore a red coat, but he looks great in it.


Did you know that Scotty and Eric Clapton played three Elvis songs together back in 2005? “That’s All Right,” “Money Honey,” and “Mystery Train.” This picture is a screen grab from the video A Tribute to Elvis — by Scotty Moore and Friends.

Filming was done at Abbey Road Studios. Clapton got to pick the songs he wanted to play with Scotty, and he went for the early stuff, including two Sun Records rockabilly numbers. He and Scotty were seated and backed by a minimal band, but the sound is just wonderful. For the first and only time  in history, these two guitar immortals played together. It really was a magic moment.

I wrote a blog about this video that tells the backstory. It details all the English rockers that played with Scotty. Unfortunately, it also explains how Scotty got screwed by the British producers. Click here.for a very interesting read.

So, here’s the package deal for a Scotty Moore fan out there — All three autographs on outstanding photos, plus the A Tribute to The King video.



Elvis Comic Books:


These didn’t sell when I offered them back in February, let’s price them down and see if that works.

Elvis Shrugged is a three-issue satire based on Ayn rand’s magnum opus “Atlas Shrugged.” You may recognize on the cover Madonna, Michael Jackson, Frank Zappa, Willie Nelson and others. (Spoiler alert – Elvis and Madonna end up together). Very rare set. I went to eBay and the best price for the full set was $18.37.

$10 for all three.


Editor’s note – This item has been sold.

Part 7                                    Part 6                                      Part 1

The Elvis Presley Experience tells the story of his life in comic book form. There is a bit of sci-fi stuff at the beginning before the real story begins. I have Part 1 about Elvis’ early days up until he signed with Col. Parker, and Part 6 which covers the’68 Special, Las Vegas, the split with Priscilla, and finally his death. Part 7 is all fiction about a cosmic return to the stage. If this doesn’t sell, I might go on eBay and buy Parts 2, 3, 4, and 5 to make it a complete set. That will be worth some real money. But you can save me the effort by snapping up this deal.

$7 for all three.


Elvis Clock:

Editor’s note – This item has been sold.


I went to eBay to see what this clock was selling for, but surprisingly, it wasn’t there. But everything else was. I had no idea there were so many different Elvis clocks out there. This one is 14 inches in diameter and runs on a single AA battery. It is done in a muted distressed-looking motif .

With all the protective packaging, this will ship in a pretty big box, so I will be covering a lot of freight on it.

How about $12 delivered.


Elvis Sheet Music:

Editor’s note – These items have been sold.

Here are five Elvis songs:

Good Luck Charm
It Won’t Seem Like Christmas Without You
Steamroller Blues
Heartbreak Hotel
Can’t help Falling in Love

Plus the tribute song, “The King is Gone” written and sung by Ronnie McDowell.

How about $6 for all of them?



Editor’s note – This item has been sold.

I went on eBay to see what other sellers wanted for this. The highest delivered price was $39.99, and the cheapest was $24. This was for still-sealed, the same as mine.

Let’s cut that best price in half. This game box is big, so postage is a lot, but I’ll still let it go for $12 delivered.


Comic Elvis Christmas Cards:

Editor’s note – This item has been sold.

Ten cards and envelopes. The inside says Merry Christmas in a red font. Here’s a card you can send to your Elvis buddies at Christmastime.

Just $5


Recently, a commentor said she didn’t understand why I have to sell my Elvis mementos. The truth is that I am 78 years old, my wife is in very poor health, and it is prudent to downsize. I am trying to sell, or give to charity, or throw away a great deal of the stuff we have accumulated during 48 years of marriage.

So, If you would like to help and want any of these offered items, let me know by email at philarnold@charter.net. Please don’t put it in Comments. Do indicate if you want a PayPal invoice, and I’ll get one right out. If you’d rather pay by check, I’ll hold your selection for you until it arrives.

Thank you so much for your support.

Phil Arnold
Original ElvisBlogmeister