I Can’t Believe It. An Elvis Photo I’ve Never Seen Before

Over the past 16 years doing this blog, I’ve looked at what seems like a million photos of Elvis.  And I have uploaded many thousands of them to my files.  So, I was surprised when a friend emailed this one to me.


Have you ever seen it before?  If you did, it was in black-and-white.  The website historydaily.com recently did a feature on colorized rare historical photos. I don’t know if the colorizer is the name in the upper right corner or the one in the bottom left, but whoever it is, they did a great job.  When I look at this photo on full-screen, it is just amazing.  The colors jump right out at you.


This is a photo that was in my files.  Elvis and Gladys are wearing the same clothes and Elvis is holding the same glass.  So, it happened just before or after the colorized one.  Even if you are generally against altering Elvis pictures, you have to agree that this colorization vastly improves the image.


A note of thanks:

I want to say how much I appreciate the wonderful response to last weekend’s sale of my Elvis mementos.  Within two hours after posting, all but one item was spoken for.  So, thank you to Kathleen, Irene, Angela, Sharys, and Noralyn.

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