Variations on the Iconic Jailhouse Rock Image

Back in 2012, I posted a photo essay on the many ways creative people have used  the famous  Elvis Jailhouse Rock images.  I have found a few more variations since then, so here is a look at all of them.


Below are four images from Jailhouse Rock.  It appears that EPE has decided these are the definitive shots from the movie, and they have been used in various promotional efforts, especially the one on the right.



In last week’s article, we saw a popular T-shirt design that used a colorized version of this particular image.


In the article I mentioned I have a growing file of Photoshopped pictures that inserted this iconic Elvis pose into all sorts of different contexts.  Here are twelve good ones.


Elvis on a Horse 


This is pretty clever, but Elvis looks a little too big compared to the horse or the woman.


Elvis and the Peace Sign

Several of these new composite pictures have colorized the original black-and-white Elvis image.  Here, the coat and pants went from black to blue, and the stripes changed to red.  It all works very well with the American flag colors on the peace sign.  Good concept and good design.


Elvis Riding a Frog

This is really cute.  How do people come up with these ideas?


Elvis Spinning on a Turntable

Now this makes sense.  What would be more natural than Elvis on a 33 LP album?  The only thing wrong is that the record doesn’t look like one of his.


At the Door of a 50s Style Diner

This one is kind of weird.  Nothing looks right.  The only parts that look even close are the legs and shoes.  The arm positions have been changed, the jacket doesn’t hang like the original, and Elvis’ face has been changed.  Sorry, this doesn’t work for me.  I hope whoever made it, didn’t waste a whole lot of time on it.  Not worth the effort.


Donald Rumsfeld Elvis

The list of political figures morphed into Elvis images is very long – Reagan, Schwartzenegger, Bush, Nixon and more.  Here we have Donald Rumsfeld, but I have no idea why.


Tom Delay Elvis

Do you remember Tom Delay, the former Texas Congressman and House Majority Leader?  The Jailhouse Rock connection is a good one, because he was sentenced to three years in prison for illegally plotting to funnel corporate contributions to legislative candidates.


Blago Elvis

I’ve used this one before on ElvisBlog, maybe twice before.  But Rod Blagojevich was a genuine Elvis fan, and he is doing the jailhouse rock at this very moment.


Bill Clinton Elvis

It really isn’t fair to show Bill Clinton in front of a prison, because he never went to jail for impeachment.  I wonder why the Photoshop jockey decided to switch the Elvis image around and face the other direction.


J-Lo and Elvis

That’s enough politicians.  How about a hot young Jennifer Lopez dancing with Elvis?  He wouldn’t have minded that at all.  I just wish somebody had done one like this with an Ann-Margret image.


Elvis and Elvis

This is my favorite, so we will end here.  I like the colorized image that changes the shirt stripes to a solid red.  And I love the juxtaposition of dancing Elvis over a blow-up of his eyes transfixed in a serious stare.  Even the lighting effect is cool.  Just an excellent image.


And here are the new additions.


Mr. Spock Elvis

This image of Spock gets the pose right, but I prefer when they keep the Elvis prison uniform.


Elvis and Kiss

I have several pictures with Elvis Photoshopped into rock bands, but this is the only one with him in Jailhouse Rock attire.


Donald Trump Elvis


Like the Bill Clinton photo earlier, this one has Elvis’ pose reversed.  For my money,  the title on it could just as well be Trump Jerry Lee Lewis.


Jailhouse Rock Collectibles – Part 1

McFarlane Toys did their usual good job on this Jailhouse Rock figurine.


Jailhouse Rock Collectibles – Part 2

I didn’t record what company introduced this Jailhouse Rock Bobble Head.


Anna Nicole Smith and Elvis

I’ll just show this one without comment.


Fireman Elvis

It may be too small for you to read, but in the top right it says, “STOP THE NOISE – PLAY THE MUSIC Noise Cancelling Headphones.”  It is a 3M product, but I don’t get the connection with this photo.


Elvis and Elvis Again

I ended the 2012 post with two Elvises, and I like this one just as much. Nice use of two poses from Jailhouse Rock.


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