Daily Archives: November 25, 2020

A Thanksgiving Prayer In The Times of Covid


O God,


We gather together separated by life-saving distancing, but united more than ever in spirit.  We know we are in a war against COVID-19 together, and the more together we are, the better and stronger we will emerge.




We know the challenges are enormous, yet so are the opportunities. That whether we are in isolation with loved ones, or alone, we will have abundance of time. We commit to using that time to the max, to help those in greater need in whatever way we can. We know we all have the opportunity, and time, to be life savers and life enhancers.



We give thanks for those who are on the front line taking care of those who are not well. We give thanks for the researchers who are working at breakneck speed to find cure and vaccine.



We give thanks for our leaders, federal, state and local, for their dedication to all of us.
We give thanks for the providers of our daily needs who go to work in spite of the risk.
We give thanks for those who have ramped up their ability to produce life-saving supplies.
We pray for the well-being of all our life savers. For those who are not well, we pray that they recover fully.



We pray for those enduring difficulty, that they may overcome their challenges. We pray that a cure and vaccine will soon be available. And that we all – family, friends, all Americans, the entire world may be healed in body and spirit.



We ask you, O God, to bless our leaders, our front line care givers, our life savers and life enhancers.



We ask you, O God, to bless America, to bless the world, to bless everyone.





Archbishop Terrance Prendergast and Rabbi Reuven Bulka, two religious leaders from the Ottawa region, wrote the original prayer which was edited slightly for this post.


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  Please stay safe.