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Elvis Birthday Cakes – A Pictorial Essay

I’ve used some of these images over the years to celebrate Elvis’ birthday, but most of them sat unused in my files. It’s now time to post them.


Three tier. Somebody spent a lot of time on this one.


This was presented at Graceland for the 2011 birthday celebration. I wish I had a better picture.


Colorful background, but the cake is mostly black and white.


Not a very good Elvis face, but the concept is good.


I like the little records


Yes, Elvis. You rock.


Not many of the Happy Birthday Elvis cakes are sheet cakes


I like this better than the first one with Elvis sitting on the cake


Cool Elvis. Definitely not made of icing


I guess the red-haired girl is reading an Elvis fan mag.


When this sheet cake is cut up, somebody gets to eat Elvis’ foot.


Graceland did better with this celebration cake.


See the little Teddy Bear and blue suede shoes? Nice touch.


Happy 65th Birthday. Hard to believe Elvis would have been 86 this year.


If they made this Elvis out of icing, I am impressed. But I’d put him on top.


That’s a very busy sheet cake. I guess all that stuff has to be edible, right?


Not bad icing art.


Elvis on a record turntable. I like it.


Wrong. Take it out of the box before you snap the picture.


This one says Happy Birthday Jon, but that’s Elvis on top.


Okay! Six records on this one.


This looks like a black icing tattoo on a plain round cake.


Simple but classy. With that cardboard underneath, this looks like those false straw hats the Colonel had all over the hotel when Elvis played Las Vegas.


Another Elvis sitting on the cake.


Two in a row. I can’t figure out what that thing is sitting on the blue icing.


Not that impressive. Red icing seems to be more popular that gold on Elvis birthday cakes.


Very nice. The roses are impressive.


Twenty-seven Elvis birthday cakes. An ElvisBlog exclusive. I also have photos of five or six more cakes that had pretty crappy icing Elvises on them, but they won’t work here.



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