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Eclectic and Cheap Elvis Reading Material

Between Covid 19 and the cold winter weather, you are going to be spending a lot of time indoors. So, what better way to spend it than by reading about Elvis? Here are some groups of magazines to keep you busy.

Magazine Group #1:

Editor’s Note:  Magazine Group #1 has been sold.


This issue celebrated the 10th anniversary of Elvis death in 1987. There is a seven-page article with ten photos, including three I’ve never seen before. Also reviews of three Elvis videos: Elvis Presley’s Graceland, Elvis-His Memory Lives On, and Elvis-Ten Years Later.


From August 1978, one year after Elvis’ death. Nine pages about Elvis and Vernon (and Gladys), and two dozen photos. Plus lots of stories about other stars of the day.


How could you pass up a story about Lisa that promises, “A hunky love and a hot rock voice made Elvis’ sad princess smile again” This issue is from 1984 and she was just sixteen. The boyfriend is twenty-year-old cinematography student Scott Rollins. Five pages of compelling reading, plus four pics of teenager Lisa I’ve never seen before.


This is from 1963. There is a 2-1/2 page article on Elvis and the movie Girls, Girls, Girls. And you might be curious to read the lyrics of 59 song hits of the day.


Country Weekly, August 16, 1994 issue. Eight-page article full of photos, many in color, and two I’ve never seen before. Five country music stars share their memories of Elvis.


A special double issue from 1992. It has just a full-page of text and a full-page color photo of Elvis. But I’ll bet you’ll read about every other teen idol they profile.


So, there it is. Magazine Group #1 – six magazines loaded with Elvis. They are all in great shape. I should probably sell each one as a collectible on eBay, but that would take too much time. You can get the whole group for just $15 delivered. (To the U.S. only)


Magazine Group #2:

Editor’s Note:  Magazine Group #2 has been sold.


This is another magazine that came out while Elvis was still alive (December 1975). It contains a three-page article focusing on a “mysterious malady” that kept Elvis off the stage in Las Vegas for a while. Lots of other good celebrity stories.


From September 1979, this issue features an eight-page article that is Part 1 of an exclusive article by Earl Greenwood who grew up with Elvis in Tupelo. He also served as Elvis’ press secretary from 1958 until 1963, and the bulk of his memories are from this period. There is also a tribute to Vernon who had died a few months earlier.


As the cover says, Elvis was still the king back in January 1965. The reference is to a contest where readers were to send in their votes on who was the top idol (Elvis won handily). Ten Elvis fans explain their votes. There is also an article titled “The New Elvis,” which explains how Elvis had come a long way from his image as a wild, hip-swinging, rockabilly guy.


January, 1987 to celebrate the 10th anniversary. Twenty-four pages on Elvis – seven different articles, including one with seventeen remembrances of Elvis by musicians and actors. Dozens of pictures.


Another August, 1978 issue. Those special women in Elvis’ life are profiled about who misses him the most, but it pretty much ends up a three-way tie. Of course, the rest of the magazine is full of celebrity pictures and stories.


Elvis was in pretty good shape in 1975 according to this four-page article. It talks about him training with 20-pound weights and wearing a bullet-proof vest while performing. And for some stupid reason there’s a photo of Priscilla with Mike Stone.


There you are. Magazine Group #2 – six more magazines with enough reading about Elvis to keep you busy for a long time. $15 delivered for all of them.



Eclectic Reading Group #1:

Editor’s Note:  Eclectic Group #1 has been sold.


This magazine contains a sixteen-page article about Elvis and the musicians who played with him. It features eight Al Wertheimer photographs. Even better are the memories of Elvis by a huge list of players, including Scotty Moore, DJ Fontana, Mike Stoller, Jerry Leiber, Bones Howe, Boots Randolph, Gordon stoker, Charlie Hodge, James Burton, Kathy Westmoreland, and more. These memories are about Elvis in the recording studio or performing on stage. There’s a lot of new stuff here that you will find intriguing.


From 1976, this magazine has a five-page article about the early days of Rock & Roll, including sections on black roots, the phonograph record, the rise of the DJ, the electric guitar, and more. Elvis gets his share of the text, but I could have used more. Still, great reading.


This is very unusual. It has almost no text but does have sixteen full-page photos culled from the video for the CBS special xxx. Elvis was filmed on June 19 and 21, and he looks pretty good in most of the pics. All but one were new to me.


Goldmine is a record collector’s magazine I have subscribed to for over thirty years. Every once in a while they do a cover story about Elvis. This time it was the back-stories of the reissues of Elvis’ old hits in compilations starting with the five-CD “The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Complete 50s Masters.” That opened the floodgates for many other comprehensive sets, and they are all covered here.


You probably watched the three-hour documentary “Elvis – The Searcher” two years ago. So, you know it was not like any previous Elvis documentary. It portrayed Elvis as a serious artist, not the phenomenon, and it was very satisfying. So is this five-page article that digs deep into the planning and choices that were made. There are three Elvis photos I have never seen (actually four, counting the cover).


If you want some really different reading material about Elvis, the Eclectic Group #2 is a great choice. Just $8 delivered (US destinations only)


Eclectic Reading Group #2:

Editor’s Note:  Eclectic Reading Group #2 has been sold.


Believe it or not, this magazine is published by the Indiana Historical Society. But it has a wonderful eight-page article on Elvis’ last concert in Indianapolis on June 26, 1977. It was written by the assistant arts and entertainment editor for the Indianapolis Star who attended the concert and posted a review of it the next day. Then, twenty-one years later, she revisited that review and all her memories of the concert. This is first-class writing on a subject you haven’t read much about.


This magazine is a handy reference with the lyrics for 100 of Elvis’ biggest hits. In addition, there are eight articles on Elvis, each with photos. And there are four full-page collages of pics from Elvis movies.


The most interesting thing about this magazine is its salute to 32 rock, country, and blues artists born in Mississippi. Of course, Elvis gets special coverage with two articles. One is a standard biography as they installed Elvis into the “Y’all Hall of Fame.” The other covers his return to Tupelo, Mississippi for a concert on September 26, 1956 during the “Tupelo Welcomes Elvis Presley Home” celebration.


The cover story here is ten-pages of Al Wertheimer’s photographs of Elvis back in 1956. They used twenty of them, not just the most familiar ones, but several I haven’t seen before. And the accompanying text is built around an interview the author did with Wertheimer. Interesting stuff.


There it is. Another assortment of Elvis reading material you don’t normally find. The Eclectic Group #2 is also $8 delivered.


Erotic Magazine Rarity:

Editor’s Note:  Erotic Magazine Rarity has been sold.



OK, I am going to sell one magazine separately because it is a genuine rarity. This has to be the only magazine you will ever find that combines full female nudity with a story about Elvis and Col. Parker. What else would you expect from a Special Kinky Sex & Rock ‘n’ Roll Issue? And they certainly delivered with a lot of erotic stuff. In the midst of all this are five pages about Elvis where the author totally slams the Colonel. The three photos of Elvis weren’t new to me, but the three-dozen nude photos certainly were. Wow. $7 delivered.


18 Elvis Articles from Goldmine Magazine:

Editor’s Note:  The group of 18 magazine articles has been sold.



These are old Goldmine magazines from 1987-90 before they changed their format from tabloid paper into magazine. They’re big, thick and heavy with many pages of albums and CDs for sale. So, I’ve culled out just the Elvis articles plus the covers. Here’s the list of articles:

August 4, 1987:

DJ Fontana – Elvis’ Drummer Capsulizes the King’s Career
Sam Phillips – America’s Other Uncle Sam

January 9, 1988:

Elvis & the Press
Graceland – The Business End of an Elvis Mecca
Elvis on TV
Elvis LPs – His Most Collectible Records

August 28, 1988:

Elvis’ Rarest Recording?
Elvis on TV – Part 2
Bill Black – Elvis, Scotty and Who?
From Elvis in Memphis – New Information about the Sun Recordings

August 10, 1990:

The 1956 Hy Gardner Interview
Elvis, Doc and Mojo Are Everywhere
The Russian Elvis Album – A Translation of Liner Notes
Elvis in the Projects
Elvis Presley – Archeology or Garbology
The King and Them
Elvis Book Update
Retracing Elvis’ Memphis & Tupelo Footsteps

That’s eighteen different articles on a bunch of interesting Elvis subjects. If you want to get the stack of stories and the four covers, the price is just $5.


To summarize, There are six offerings here. There are Magazine Groups #1 and #2 at $15 each. Then there are Eclectic Reading Groups #1 and #2 at $8 each. Next was the Erotic Magazine Rarity for $7. And finally, the collection of eighteen good, long magazine articles for $5.

Okay, If you like any of these items and would like to purchase them, let me know by email at philarnold@charter.net. Please don’t put it in Comments. These offers are for delivery to USA locations only.

Please indicate if you want a PayPal invoice, and I’ll get one right out. If you’d rather pay by check, let me know, and I’ll hold your selection for you until it arrives.


Thank you so much for your support. Happy reading.

Phil Arnold

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