The End of ElvisBlog – Part 4

It looks like ElvisBlog will continue on beyond 1,000 posts after all.

Three weeks ago, I wrote about my plans to retire from ElvisBlog. I said;

My blog platform expires on January 31, and I’m changing to a static site. No new posts will be added, but the old ones will still be accessible.

It appears I have some good news for those of you who have expressed sadness about no more ElvisBlog. Last September, I had a phone conversation with the man who owns and runs my blog platform. I explained what I planned to do and asked what the cost would be.

He was feeling generous because I had been with him for 16 years, almost right from the inception of his business. He said “I’ll cover you.”

I found out today that he actually gave me credit for another year of full posting. That helps. It has cost me a lot of money over the years to bring ElvisBlog to you. I kept my site clean – without any pop-ups or other advertising. In retrospect, that was probably stupid.

But there is another factor more important than the money. It is the time it takes to put together each new post. If you wonder what’s involved that requires so many hours each week, let’s just say it’s a lot.

The other time demand on me is as a caregiver for my wife. She has lymphostatic colitis which causes very bad abdominal pain. Her esophagus basically stopped functioning two years ago, so now I have to feed her three times a day through a feeding tube. She is no longer able to share the household responsibilities, so it’s all me.

That’s okay. I do it happily because I love her. But I really have to cut back on the time I spend on ElvisBlog. I’ll still be active for a while selling off the rest of my Elvis stuff. I seem to keep finding more around the house.

New posts will probably stretch out to once a month, or maybe they will just pop up at random.


So, this is ElvisBlog post # 997. Onward to #1,000 and beyond.


Thank you, thank you very much.


Phil Arnold

Original ElvisBlogmeister

24 responses to “The End of ElvisBlog – Part 4

  1. Hi Phil
    I have just discovered your Blog. Am long time Elvis fan, sorry to
    Hear of your troubles with time & your wife’s health.
    Happy to know That you will
    Be able to continue on with Elvis . I found this Blog
    Incredibly Interesting … just when you think you know all there is
    You find you don’t!! I belong to many Elvis Fan Clubs on line
    Around the World & am going to
    Let them know about you & your wonderful Blog.
    God Speed with All you do ….. & Thank You for it took…..

    • Hi Glenda. Wow. I wish you had discovered ElvisBlog years ago and turned on those other folks to the site.

      Thanks for saying such nice things. Phil Arnold

  2. This is great news that you will keep the blog going Phil. I for one am happy you don’t have pop ups etc. They can be really irratating and collect data. Thanks for all the work you do for us fans.


    • Hi Denny: Thanks for your comment. Not many people mention it, but I think a lot of readers appreciate it that there are no pop-ups on ElvisBlog.


  3. ThankYou ThankYou very much Phil I love all your post please keep sending again all the best and stay safe ⚡️

  4. Hello Phil: That is great news about your continuing to write articles about Elvis. 2021 might be a good year after all. Finally some good news. It would have been a drag not being able to come to Elvisblog and see what is new. Good luck with everything and I am sorry that you are having to deal with all that. My wife and I were also caregivers for two elderly people, my Mom and my Aunt. I know it is hard. Thought about you earlier today as I was browsing in an antique store and saw some books about Elvis. There was one of Alfred Wertheimer’s books in there and I checked to see if it was the one that you wrote the intro to. It was not. I have all his books but that one. Take care.

    • Hi Gerard: It is nice to hear from you again. Your comments are always long and interesting. Thanks for the nice sentiments about ElvisBlog.


  5. Hi Phil,
    Sorry to hear about your wife’s health issues. I’m surprised you have time to be a caregiver & an Elvis blogmeister. Glad you are continuing with your blog. Have you thought about getting an “apprentice”? I’m certain there are a few “somebodys” out there who could help. Sorry, but this octogenerian is not a techie but if you tell me “how & where” to look for info, I’ll give it a shot.
    So if you can use a few younger apprentices, give a big shout-out, Phil.
    We Elvis fans are like family & help each other out.

    • Hi Miriam: That’s an interesting offer – to be an apprentice helping out on ElvisBlog. I will keep that in mind and let you know when something comes up where you could help.

      Thanks, Phil

  6. Hi Phil,
    YAY! I’m so happy to hear that you won’t be ending this at the end of the month! You’re right, I guess I have no idea how much time it takes to do each new post, but I’ve become accustomed to seeing them in my inbox, and I always look forward to opening each new one! It sounds like you really have your hands full. Are you doing everything alone? I mean isn’t there someone who shares some of the responsibilities? Sorry if this is too personal, I didn’t mean it that way, I just meant that it sounds like a lot for one person. I’d better stop talking now, I don’t think this sounds like I intended.

    • Hi katgirlblue: You are so sweet. One of the benefits of keeping ElvisBlog open for another year is getting comments from you.

      Thanks, Phil

  7. So glad to know there will be some more posts coming. Sorry about your wife’s illness. Could you put a paypal link on Elvis blog? Even if you don’t need to pay for the host some donations might help get someone to give you a hand with the homefront (to give you more time to write about Elvis).

    • Hi Kathleen. Thank you for your thoughts. The PayPal idea is interesting, and I’ll think about it. To be honest, I hadn’t thought about getting someone to help out with my wife, so I’ll check out what might be available.


  8. Wishing you the best as you navigate this life challenge. May God bless you and your wife. I think continuing the blog will be good medicine for you, for even though it is time-consuming, it is a connection to happy Elvis moments and you need that too. Elvis is a comfort in rough times. Best wishes as you care for your wife and do all the other responsibilities. I’m looking forward to your future posts. God bless you both. 🙂

    • Hi Diana: Your comments are always positive, but this one is so meaningful. Your kind thoughts mean a lot to me.

      Thank you, Phil

  9. Hi Phil,
    So sorry to hear about your wife’s health issues, and hope her condition improves.
    Thanks for all you do, not only for your family, but for us Elvis fans. We look forward to your Elvis blogs/posts, and am glad they will continue for awhile!
    Take care and all the best to you and family.
    Scott Longacre

  10. I would be happy to contribute to your cost.

    • Hi Sharys: Thanks for the offer, but I’ve got a free year on my blog platform. My only expense is to renew my URL, and that’s only $18. Now, if you could add a few extra hours a day to my time, I would gladly accept that.


  11. This was such a pleasant surprise, that you will still be blogging.
    It was nice of him to give you free blogging time for awhile.
    If I lived near I would come help you. We Elvis fans love each other.

  12. Melissa Weatherford

    Thank you, Phil
    Prayers for you

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