1,000 Posts


Do you think The Guinness Book of World Records would consider a category for:

The Most Blog Posts About Elvis Presley


I should look into getting an application. If I need to get a lot of names on a petition, can I count on you guys?



This is the second time a 1,000 milestone has been big for me. I remember how excited I was when ElvisBlog reached 1,000 hits for a month. Now it’s 9 thousand. It has been stuck at about that for the last three or four years, because I stopped doing the stuff to build up my SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. If you’re trying to monetize a blog, you care about that stuff, but that’s not what ElvisBlog has been about.



If I had the time, I could do this for a lot longer. I find each new post gives me a sense of satisfaction. Project accomplished, you know. I like doing them, and new post ideas just keep coming. So I’ll hang in for another year, but at a slower pace.



However, post # 1001 will happen soon because It’s about some more Elvis books for sale. The response on previous book sales have been great. Thank you.



When I first started out blogging, I read a couple articles outlining the basics. One thing stressed as most important was to adhere to a regular schedule of posting. Don’t let long periods go by between posts, because you will lose readers. My first tagline under the title was:

       A Weekly Column of News, History and Commentary about Elvis Presley

I committed to posting weekly right from the get go, and I’ve managed to stick with it. The tagline changed, though. It was too long and formal, and my vision for ElvisBlog narrowed to celebrating Elvis as a popular icon. So it got changed to:

All the Cool Stuff Out There in Elvis World

Much better.


Another strong recommendation I got for successful blogging was to answer all Comments.


You can see that there have been 4,443 comments over the past sixteen years. Actually, half of that number are my responses. As you can imagine, answering 2,200 comments takes up a lot of time. There should be a drop-off because posts won’t be as frequent. Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing from you regular commenters. But I will no longer waste time on the ones where they say, “I found this signed picture of Elvis in my aunt’s closet after she died. What’s it worth?”



Writing this turned out to be a lot easier than I originally thought it would. The plan was to have ElvisBlog go static on the day after celebrating 1,000 posts. To be honest, I kind of miss the dramatic departure.

But, it would also have meant writing a goodbye letter. I’m glad to put that off for a year.



I guess a lot of folks have hit 1,000 posts, because there are so many cool images out there. This one is my pick for best, so I’ll end with it.

Thank you for picking ElvisBlog as a regular part of your life. I’m content knowing the stuff I pull together about Elvis is appreciated by so many people.


Phil Arnold

Original ElvisBlogmeister


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