Elvis, Nixon, Clinton, and Limbaugh

When a prominent person dies, typically I would put the person’s name plus Elvis in the Google search box to see what pictures would come up.  I tried it today after learning that Rush Limbaugh had died, and this is what came up:

This is obviously a Photoshopped picture, and someone was trying to be funny. Then writing in blue says:

Elvis tells President Nixon Billy Clinton’s “Watergate Breakin” Idea

So, three of the men are named.  The fourth is identified with an arrow as Rusty Limbo.  I wondered if this could be what Rush Limbaugh looked like as a young man, so I searched some more.

Ys, it is.

If you look back at the group picture, you can tell the original is one of the shots taken by the White House photographer when Elvis met Nixon.

So, someone replaced Sonny West’s head with Bill Clinton and replaced Jerry Schilling’s head with Rush Limbaugh.  Pretty strange.  One last look.

I wonder if Jerry Schilling has ever seen this picture.


R.I.P Rush


4 responses to “Elvis, Nixon, Clinton, and Limbaugh

  1. I have loved Elvis since 1956. And have listened loyally to Rush since 1989. Both men were innovators, generous souls, patriotic Americans, and strong believers in God. (And both received the Presidential Medal of Freedom). Rest in peace, great men.

  2. I was very sad to hear the news about Rush today. The photo you found is quite interesting. Just goes to show that Elvis is still relevant out there in pop culture!

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