Daily Archives: February 22, 2021

ElvisBlog Pictures on Pinterest

Look what came into my email yesterday. Ever since I started searching Pinterest for Elvis photos to use in blog posts, they send me a dozen or so emails every week. Usually the email header says something like:

We think you might like these 17 ideas

Two days ago, this was the header:

Nose Jobs, Photos Of Puppies and more ideas to search for

I don’t know why Pinterest thought I would be interested in photos of nose jobs, but I did enjoy looking at the puppy pictures.

But the email I got yesterday had a very different message:

Hey, Phil Arnold! Don’t miss out on these Pins

That direct salutation to me definitely got my attention. Above, you can see the first three photos (Pins) in the scroll. I immediately recognized the one of Elvis wearing his karate Gi and nothing else as a photo I had created. It is from an Elvis refrigerator magnet set I sold last year. I scrolled down, did a little clicking, and found out that 12 of the 16 photos in this email had appeared on ElvisBlog. I don’t know why, but I thought it was pretty cool to have Pinterest presenting ElvisBlog photos in an email to the guy that is ElvisBlog.

Before we look at some of the rest, please note the altered photo of young Marilyn Monroe and young Elvis came from a post just a month ago. If my old Pinterest searches had yielded the middle picture, I would have used it in the series called, Elvis Pictures I’ve Never Seen Before. It turns out, it came from eBay.


All three of these pictures came from ElvisBlog. One of my sales included Elvis trading cards, and this picture shows the back of two of them. The projection TV was in a 2016 post titled like it reads below the picture: Graceland Quiz – What Room are These Items In?

On the other hand, the label under the right picture is totally wrong. That old guy was the way I envisioned the villain in my book, BIG E and the SANTA MAN. That reminds me. I should do one more promotion for it this year. There’s been a lot of new Subscribers added since the last push back in December 2018.


Two of these were also photos illustrating ElvisBlog sales, and the ring picture came from the series Elvis’ Fabulous Rings.

Speaking of Elvis photos from my files, check this out:

That’s a lot of numbers, but 2/3 of the way down you will see Contains: 19,884 Files. These files are pictures. I have added nearly 20 thousand photos to my collection since I began doing ElvisBlog. They are organized into 176 folders and 1,046 subfolders.

If anyone reading this has an interest in owning a flash drive containing all of these images, contact me at philarnold@charter.net, and we’ll see what we can work out.