Elvis and Dr. Seuss

Bet you never thought you would see Mr. Potato Head, The Muppets, and Dr. Seuss all in the headlines in a just a ten day span. You do know there is an Elvis connection with the first two. We just finished up a three-part series on Elvis Mr. Potato Head. And, two years ago, I also did three blog posts about Elvis and The Muppets.

So, when the news came out about six of Dr. Seuss’ books, I wondered if I could find anything connecting Elvis and Dr. Suess. I came across this.


Hoo knew the Grinch was an Elvis fan. I guess the text is a reworking of a lyric the Grinch did in the movie. If anybody knows the real lines, please put them on Comments and I’ll share.

This design has been used on coffee mugs and T-shirts. If interested in one for next Christmas, Google Elvis Presley Grinch, it will take you right there.

So, I am pleased about finding an Elvis connection with Dr. Seuss. Years ago, I posted about the Elvis connections with LEGOS and Barbie Dolls. I wonder if there’s anything coming that will put them in the headlines, too, and I can repost all that old stuff.


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