Happy 4th of July, Elvis

Happy 4th of July - Fireworks

I have done seven posts over the years on ElvisBlog that celebrate Elvis and the 4th of July. They were all pictorial essays, and the best pictures seem to have shown up in the later years.  People got better on Photoshop, I guess.

However, the earlier ones, starting in 2009, are so deep in the archives that you may have not ever seen them. So, lets look at the best images from the first five.






A lot of Photoshop people have come up with clever ideas with patriotic Elvis themes.  If anyone who created one of these picture has a problem with them being seen on ElvisBlog, let me know and I’ll take them off.  Actually, I’m hoping you’ll be proud to have lots of Elvis fans appreciating your art.



The 4th of July was an important date for Elvis.  In fact, it is the date that his career got started.  On July 4, 1954, at Sam Phillips suggestion, Elvis went over to Scotty Moore’s house and did an impromptu audition.  Bill Black also dropped in, but he and Scotty were not overly impressed.  However, Sam Phillips decided it might be worth another try at the studio.  On July 5, Elvis, Scotty and Bill recorded “That’s All Right,” and the rest is history.




I just noted that these are patriotic pictures, but they don’t actually say anything about the 4th of July.  That improved somewhat the next year.



At the start of this long holiday weekend, here are a few images that combine Elvis and the symbols of American freedom.





Of course, the 4th of July weekend is also a time of summer fun, so some images salute that aspect of it.



Here is one last image that does not have Elvis in it, but it is so outstanding I wanted to include it here.

Unlike all the other posts, this one was titled Happy Independence Day, Elvis



Again, only two direct references to the 4th of July.  I found so many images later on that featured that message along with Elvis and the patriotic pictures.





There were only three pictures in this 4th of July post.  I guess I was real busy that holiday.



Elvis Red and Gold 4th of July

Back in 2009, I posted the first ElvisBlog pictorial salute to Elvis on the 4th of July. It was supposed to be an annual thing, but I notice I skipped last year for some reason.

Notice how Elvis has on his American Eagle jumpsuit in the above picture, and there is an image of a real eagle, too. Over the years, four other of our Elvis 4th of July pictures have also contained eagles. Of course, the American Eagle jumpsuit shows up in many of these patriotic pictures, including three this year.


Elvis in4th of July Hat

This one is more fun. It looks like Elvis has been invited to an Alice in Wonderland tea party.


Lisa in Red White and Blue

I love this photo. Look at little Lisa all dressed up in red, white and blue.


Soldier Elvis 4th of July

These designs with Elvis in uniform could work with several holidays, but it says “Happy 4th of July,” so it belongs here.


Elvis 4th of July Kaleidoscope

Another good use of the American Eagle jumpsuit in this busy, but colorful, kaleidoscope design. This must have taken a lot of time to put together.


Elvis Happy Fourth of July

I kind of like the simplicity of this one.


Elvis 4th of July Penant Flag

I think this is one of those hanging pennants you can buy. It should last forever if you bring it out just once s year for a few days.


Red White and Blue Graceland

How about Graceland decked out in red, white, and blue? I hope it’s not going to be like the Christmas decorations that stay up until January 8. Too long.


Elvis God Bless America

See what I was saying about the quality of the pictures as the years progressed.


Rockin 4th of July


From ElvisBlog to all the Elvis fans out there


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